Pablo's Inferno

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Pablo's Inferno Writer(s): Dan Chapman
Artist(s): Rhode Montijo
Publishers: ABISMO
From: USA
Price: $2.95 (US)

Pablo's mother sends him down to the store with some money for some milk and a candy bar. He's a sweet little kid, with big innocent eyes, a cool pair of dungarees and some sneakers. Its a shame they get mangled when he forgets to look both ways before crossing the road and gets turned into a very messy road kill.

Somehow he ends up in hell, not knowing where he is or just what's going on. He soon has to cope with cranky demons, a boatman at the river Acheron who could do with a refresher course in customer service, and a whole lot more diabolical goings on.

Rhodes artwork is suitably spooky when it needs to be but still makes Pablo look like a really cute little kid. It's hard to know what tone this comic is aiming for. While the dialogue contains the occasional funny line this is closer to the Hellraiser than Sesame Street.

In a Word: Diabolical.

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