Santa Barbara Zine Fest

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

We have just be reminded that the 4th annual zine fest is happening this weekend. The organizers ask that you come prepared to mix and mingle, trade your wares and hang out! It's a chance to meet some cool publishers and make new friends/connections. If you are feeling shy Lynne Lowe suggests find her for a chat. She comments that she will be easy to spot...

"....I'll probably be the only black woman in the room! Everyone is pretty friendly and I do my best to make people feel comfortable. Ok, here what you need to know:

Santa Barbara Zine Fest - Saturday, June 2nd
Goleta Valley Community Center
5679 Hollister Ave., Rms. 1 & 2 Goleta, CA
10 mins. from downtown SB)
11am - 5pm

A celebration of small press and independent zine and comic publishers Free Admission * Open to the Public * Free Parking *

This year's participants include the creative minds behind Angry Thoreauan, Wishbone, The Assassin and the Whiner, Empty Life, Die, Spanks!, Lummox Journal, Short Fuse, A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, Super Comics Blast/Dos Mil, BaiNst, Exit at the Axis, Angerbox, Billy Cole/Poor Boy Comics, Calling Monster Island, Idiosyncrasy, Three and a Half, Pisces Catalog, FTW, Creepy Mike's Omnibus of Fun, Pirate Jenny, Cult of Eidophusikon, Cutlass, Mr. Peebody's Soiled Trousers & Other Delights, 20 Bus/That Girl, Plastic Planet Comics, Have You Seen the Dog Lately?, Colossal Error, and Martin, the Satanic Racoon. This is going to be our best year yet!

The ANGRY WHITE MALE TOUR will be making a stop at the SB Zine Fest as part of their West Coast trip - Mike Diana, Jim Goad, Shane Bugbee, Rev. Randall Tin-ear, The Boone Brothers, and others!

In keeping with tradition, the night will end with wild partying at the fabulous Mercury Lounge just down the street from the community center! My favorite band, Night of the Creeps will be performing at 9pm.


From Southern California:

Northbound on Hwy. 101 and exit ramp Hwy 217 (Airport/UCSB). The Hollister Ave. exit appears moments later to your right. Exit there and take another right onto Hollister at the signal. Move over to the left-hand lane. The enter is two blocks away. You’ll pass a car dealership on your left and the center is just a few seconds from it. Take a left turn.

From Northern California:

Southbound on Hwy. 101 to Goleta - exit at Fairview Ave., turn right. Continue until you hit Hollister Avenue, then turn left. Move into the right lane. Continue straight for 4-5 blocks and the center will be on your right.

Look for a big red 1950s schoolhouse with a white gazebo in front on the lawn. There will be colourful zine fest signs posted everywhere! There is plenty of free parking in the front/rear of the center."

Lynne invites you all to visit her website for further information or contact her via email.

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