Dan Clowes Bibliography Online

Posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Ken wants you all to know about his web project:

"Please check out my Dan Clowes bibliography. It is fairly exhaustive, containing information on work by Clowes-- issues (with contents), collections (with contents),album covers, comic and magazine covers, prints, posters, illustrations, merchandise etc-- it also contain a list of reviews, interviews, features, both on and off line. Within each section everthing is in chronological order. Many entries have brief annotations. There is a detailed section on translations, as well as info related to the Ghost World movie"

Ken claimes to have a complete alphabetical list of all stories from Eightball and Lloyd Llewellyn; for each story you will find the issue in which it appears and then the title of the Clowes collection in which it was later collected.

He is interested in hearing from anyone who has additional information... "In particular I am looking for photocopies of Clowes' original art for sale lists from 1995-2000."

Check out his efforts at:


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