This Month At Top Shelf - The Actus Box

Posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

By Actus (Tragicus)

Top Shelf Productions wanted us to tell you about 2001 release from the "dynamic and extremely talented" Israeli team, Actus (formerly known as Actus Tragicus). Five cartoonists, Rutu Modan, Yirmi Pinkus, Mira Friedmann, Batia Kolton, & Itzik Rennert, who pool their talents annually to produce something simply amazing. This year Top shelf Present THE ACTUS BOX, a deluxe boxed set, featuring FIVE 32-page, full color, perfect bound graphic novellas. Included in the set are:

THE PANTY KILLER by Rutu Modan -- A chain of mysterious murders terrorize Tel Aviv, in which all the victims are found with their panties on their heads. The investigation leads the police to a seedy nightclub, frequented by unusual types.

WE ARE SEVEN by Batia Kolton -- A visual interpretation of an Irish folk song, a Wordsworth poem and a pop tune. The juxtapositions of text and images infuse both with an original, contemporary meaning.

CRUMPET LADIES by Yirmi Pinkus -- An amateur dog thief, a flatulent midget, a sentimental cook, and a woman with no short-term memory are just a few of the characters in this story about an old woman as an existential state.

ROYAL SABLE by Mira Friedman -- A Jewish furrier from Prague and his sister escape to Tehran during WWII. Their dire situation changes when they receive a phone call from the Shah‚s Palace. Based on a true story.

PRETENDERS by Itzik Rennert -- A bitter taxi driver, that desperately needs a change, meets a high-tech career woman and his life is transformed far beyond his wildest dreams. When forced to confront himself, he realizes he isn't really himself, or at least not his only self.

-- $31.95 (US), Includes 5 full-color, perfect bound, softcover, graphic novellas; each 32 pages and 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"; with the box itself being 5 3/4" x 8 1/2" x 3/4", ISBN: 965-90221-3-1

Chris Staros
Top Shelf Productions
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