Periphery #1 And #2

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Periphery #1 And #2 Creator(s): A whole bunch of different people
Publishers: Arch-Type Studios
From: USA
Price: $2.95 each. (US)

In which a group of talented artists and writers show off their wares. This has the feel of a showcase of creators for hire, putting their best feet forward in the hope of finding some real work or winning over some new readers for their personal projects. On the basis of what is on display here they sure did themselves proud.

Most of the contributions are shorts stories with the compulsory unexpected/dramatic ending. A good example is the first piece by Scott Ekelaert (story) and Jason Whitley (art) involving the after hours activities of some trash men who throw away some interesting rubbish. Other tales cover a range of genres including horror, comedy, demonic party time, lost souls on the way to hell and so on.

I found Gone Away by Mordechai Luchins (Story) and Matthew Gantt Childers (art) to be particularly successful in its lo-key observation of two children in a hospital who are united through having to come to terms with the fact that their parents have "gone away". Jen Hachigian's Lore: Imperfect Gentleman gives an interesting taste of her ongoing series and made me curios to see more.

The artwork on display is for the most part top notch, with a wide range of styles on display. Damon Kask (Inks) and Matthew Gantt Childers (pencils) work well together on Dave Milloway's story Time Capsule though I can't quite figure out who's who at the end.

In a Word: Talents.

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