Hat #1, the

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hat #1, the Creator(s): Dennis and Dan
Publishers: Read Comics. (Self Published)
From: com

To paraphrase that great musical philosopher of the 80, Cyndi Lauper, people just want to have fun. That seems to be the motto at work in this comic. Dennis and Dan have put together a collection with a quick and simple approach. The plots here don't take ages to get started. It only takes a few panels for the giant robot to start fighting the seven headed monster, and Sensie Sarge's martial arts skills are soon put to use against the diabolical Baron von Toshiba. Even in Denis' remembrances of a role playing campaign plagued by an overpowered character things get to the action pretty damn quick.

As Dennis openly admits in the introduction, his isn't the greats comic art you are ever likely to see, but he gets his ideas across in a clear manner and the laughs are there to be found for those who join in with the spirit of things. Dan's drawing skills allows his stories to be slightly more involved and thus score higher on the laughs scale.

In all, this won't make DC or Marvel quake with fear but maybe it should, 'cause soon people are going to realize that imagination wins out over looks in the long run.

In a Word: Raw.

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