Sunburn About To Become A Thing Of The Past

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Some good news and some bad news arrived recently from Karl Thomsen, Editor/Publisher of the anthology Sunburn...

"Greetings, and a long overdue hello to many of you! It's probably been a while since you've heard from me in regards to all things Sunburn, and there is much to catch up on - including the demise of Sunburn itself. Read on...

After numerous delays Sunburn 15 (Beyond Words 2) was finally completed late last year! I got copies of the issue out to all the regular locations, I just didn't get the word out to everyone. A thousand pardons. In case you missed it, here's the scoop.

Inspired by the positive response I received to the initial Beyond Words silent comix edition, I decided to devote another entire issue to silent comics from around the world. Featured inside this edition is another wonderfully tasty sampling of wordless underground comics from Canada, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Slovenia & Macedonia. Funky cover art was supplied and hand colored by the mystical hands of Robert Pasternak. A special introduction has once again been provided by David Berona, with his continuing comments on the power of wordless comics and how they have affected him. A strong presence of silent European comic talent has flavoured this diverse mix: Sasha Mihajlowich, Zlatko Krstevski, Reindeer Dijkhuis and Patrick Heymans are back for more while Ikar Volodya, Andrej Stular and Vulovic Nikola join in the fun. Joining in the mayhem from North America were Brad Yung, Nathan Thrailkill, Carrie McNinch, Jim Siergey & Tom Roberts while Neale Blanden from down under adds in his own unique perspective.

Although the current issue Sunburn #16 is behind schedule, I hope to have this issue completed by early June 2001. I've got more than enough material for the issue, I just have to pull it all together. And hey - there's finally going to be another letters page!

Unfortunately, I have found my motivation for doing Sunburn waning. I have decided that issue #17 will be Sunburn's final issue. It's been fun, but it's just become too much for me too handle. Looking back over the past 6 years, it's amazing to see how far Sunburn has mutated. I am very thankful for everyone's help - your support has been much appreciated! I still firmly believe that there is an abundance of underground comic talent happening out there - I just wish there were more outlets out there for them to happen in.

And now, a call for submissions! In celebration of it's demise, Sunburn #17 will feature the theme of death. Okay, so the theme of death sounds rather morbid, but it's an element of life that affects us all. Just think of it as just another Halloween flavoured issue. Sad, happy, spooky, or whatever. If you'd like to add something to all the mayhem, please send it along! Everyone is welcome to submit comix and illustrations to help fill it's pages. This is your last chance! At the moment I don't have any cover artwork for this issue, so if you'd like to take up the challenge, drop me a line. Deadline for all submissions is September 15!

As always, each edition of Sunburn will continue to feature an updated Zinehead insert which includes a resource listing of international small press comic anthologies and zine review zines."

Be sure to show your appreciation of Karl's great work on Sunburn by sending a submission for the final issue or buying up some of the great back issues he has.

Karl Thomsen Editor/Publisher/Janitor
P.O. Box 2061, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3C 3R4,

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