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Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Chris Staros from Top Shelf comics wants us all to know abbout his travel plans this summer, which include attend at the San Diego Comic-Con, WizardWorld Chicago, and the Small Press Expo along with some of his creators.

"From July 19-22, we'll be at the San Diego Con. Come by the Top Shelf/Eddie Campbell Booth to meet: Eddie Campbell, Peter Kuper, Renée French, Alex Robinson, James Kochalka, Pete Sickman-Garner, Matt Kindt & Jason Hall, Brian Biggs, Dean Haspiel, Scott Mills, Steve Lafler, Brett Warnock and myself [Chris Staros].

From August 17-19, we'll be at WizardWorld in Chicago. Come by and meet Alex Robinson, Pete Sickman-Garner, Renée French, James Kochalka, Matt Kindt, Wayne Beamer (our "Chicago muscle"), and myself.

And from September 14-16, we'll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. Come by and hang out with: Craig Thompson, James Kochalka, Peter Kuper, Renée French, Tom Hart, Alex Robinson, Pete Sickman-Garner, Dean Haspiel, Matt Kindt & Jason Hall, Scott Mills, Steve Lafler, Brian Biggs, Josh Simmons, Brett Warnock and myself."

Chris also has some special deals you might be interested in

"I don't know if everyone can truly appreciate how expensive publishing is. Would it surprise you to know that just printing the last five months worth of books (including Speechless, The Sketchbook Diaries, Hey Mister: Dial 'M' for Mister, Box Office Poison, A Complete Lowlife, The Soap Lady, Pistolwhip and Mephisto) cost Brett and I around $85,000.00? That's a bunch of dough

In any event, we appreciate everyone's continued support -- fans and retailers alike -- but we could also use some direct support over the Summer to keep everything rosy for our Fall and Winter publishing schedules. To that end, we have a couple special offers -- one for fans and one for retailers. If you're interested, you can just send us a
check or simply email us your credit card information. We'll get these gems right out to you. If you have any questions, just email us:

A SPECIAL OFFER FOR COMICS FANS (not available wholesale)


Speechless by Peter Kuper. $19.00, postpaid*

The Top Shelf Super-Deluxe Pack: $149.00, postpaid*
Includes 15 Great Books: Speechless, Box Office Poison, A Complete Lowlife, Good-bye Chunky Rice, The Soap Lady, Pistolwhip, Mephisto, The Collected Hutch Owen, Big Clay Pot, Monkey vs. Robot, The Hey, Mister After School Special, Dear Julia, BugHouse, Boy In My Pocket, & Alec: How To Be An Artist (a $212.25 value, all for $149.00, postpaid*).

The Top Shelf Sampler: $75.00, postpaid*
Includes 7 Great Books: Box Office Poison, A Complete Lowlife, Pistolwhip, Mephisto, Monkey vs. Robot, The Collected Hutch Owen, & Alec: How To Be An Artist (a $105.65 value, all for $75.00, postpaid*).

The Top Shelf Starter: $49.00, postpaid*
Includes 4 Great Books: Box Office Poison, A Complete Lowlife, The Collected Hutch Owen, & Alec: How To Be An Artist (a $71.80 value, all for $49.00, postpaid*).

*Postpaid, if to a U.S. address. International destinations must pay for actual shipping costs.

Offer Expires 31 July 2001.


If you're a Comics Retailer, Top Shelf has a new Deluxe Retailer Package to make sure that our front line is fully stocked in your store. This Package, containing only our best selling graphic novels, is designed for maximum sell through and is backed by Top Shelf's guarantee of returnability*.

A $544.00+ retail value for only $225.00. That's A 58% Discount, Postpaid**!

The Deluxe Retailer Package Includes 2 copies each of the following (GN = Graphic Novel, TP = Trade Paperback, HC = Hardcover, CB = Comic Book):

Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL (GN, $35.00)
Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell's THE BIRTH CAUL (CB, $5.95)
Eddie Campbell's ALEC: HOW TO BE AN ARTIST (GN, $14.95)
Matt Kindt and Jason Hall's PISTOLWHIP (GN, $14.95)
Matt Kindt and Jason Hall's MEPHISTO (CB, $3.95)
Renée French's THE SOAP LADY (HC, $19.95)
Ed Brubaker's A COMPLETE LOWLIFE (GN, $12.95)
Alex Robinson's BOX OFFICE POISON (GN, $29.95)
Peter Kuper's SPEECHLESS (Full-Color HC, $19.95)
James Kochalka's MONKEY VS. ROBOT (GN, $14.95)
James Kochalka's THE SKETCHBOOK DIARIES (CB, $7.95)
Craig Thompson's GOOD-BYE, CHUNKY RICE (GN, $14.95)
Scott Mills' BIG CLAY POT (GN, $12.95)
Dean Haspiel's BOY IN MY POCKET (CB, $2.95)
Jordan Crane's THE LAST LONELY SATURDAY (GN, $8.00)
Gary Spencer Millidge's STRANGEHAVEN: ARCADIA (GN, $14.95)
Gary Spencer Millidge's STRANGEHAVEN: BROTHERHOOD (GN, $14.95)

*Returnability: 90 days after purchase, any unsold and undamaged books can be returned to the publisher in exchanged for any other titles of equal value.

**Postpaid: Shipping is free within the United States if payment is made in advance with a major credit card or check (otherwise, a $10.00 shipping charge will be added to the invoice and NET30 terms with apply). Retailers outside the United States must pay for actual shipping costs.

Offer Expires 31 July 2001.

All the best!

Your friend thru comics,

Chris Staros
Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 1282
Marietta, GA 30061-1282

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