Dr. Ripper's Multiplex #1

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dr. Ripper's Multiplex #1 Creator(s): Richard Nairn
Publishers: Pantomine Press
Price: £2.00 (UK)

In which a cute little girl and a sweet teddy bear are taken to the local combined multiplex and insane asylum by a big brute and his trailer trash girlfriend. Once the film starts we are exposed to more than a quiet night at the movies. In fact things turn quite nasty with nails being driven through poor Teddy's head, after which he ends up being used as a suppository.

Extreme behavior is the name of the game here, with over-the-top violence, demented multiplex staff, adult themes and a childrens' cartoon that looks nothing at all like any Disney film I've ever seen. Even so, Richard somehow manages to portray most of this without and give the comic its rather nasty tone without actually explicitly showing anything that is truly gross. Everything is hinted at and then occurs off panel.. His art work manages to maintain a good humored feel about things, portraying a gruesome lineup of diverse creatures. The page layouts are imaginative as well.

This work starts off with a bit too much exposition but soon settles down after a few pages and the characters actually get to take part in the story for the majority of the comic. The humor here isn't subtle, but that won't stop you laughing.

In a Word: Strong.

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