Hove Samson in... The Plot Thickens

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Hove Samson in... The Plot Thickens Writer(s): Gavin Burrows
Artist(s): James Parker
Publishers: Armchair Comics
From: UK
Price: £1.25 (UK)

A wee mini comic this, but it serves up a jolly good dose of humor, a good deal more than most regular comics can manage. The story pokes a bit of fun at upper class British heros such as James bond, the saint and bulldog Drummond who seem to have an unending supply of money to pay for their globe trotting escapades without any sense of fiscal responsibility. In the case of Hove Samson, his finances take a turn to the terminal with laws suits on all sides from injured parties and loss of income from investments that he accidentally destroyed in his efforts to dispose of evil doers.

There are lots of silly British high jinx with shaken drinks threats of class war all depicted with a roguish charm.

In a Word: Profitable.

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