Dreamboat Dreamboat (Preview Copy)

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Dreamboat Dreamboat (Preview Copy) Creator(s): Toby Morris
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand
Price: ?

See in the 1950's rural town of Dannivirke, this interesting tale follows the events that surround the first appearance of a rock band. Going by the name of the Dominators (ironic name really), they are brought together by their common friend from school, Mandy, who tells them they are in the band, writes the songs and enters them in a contest before they have a chance to say know.

Mandy sees the band as a way for her to impress David (aka Davy), the motor bike riding and leather wearing hired hand who helps her father out at the garage. The band do better than they expect at the contest, but when Davy takes a liking to Therese, Mandy is upset at her friend and decides to break up the band, not realizing that the kiss she saw Davy and Therese exchanged lead on to something far more tragic than her broken heart. The story is an interesting one, though Mandy's narration from the point of view of the future means she discusses events before her younger self faces them. This gives away the fact that she will learn the error of her ways, lessing the impact of event that are to follow.

Toby displays a keen talent for using the page layouts as part of the story telling instead of simply frames for panels; They help to vary the pace of the story and add a real rythm to the scenes of the bands performance at the talent quest. His drawing of classic cars and motorbikes sure make them look they would be fun to take for a joy ride. The first half of this comic bodes well for the final product.

preview cover
COver from original preview copy.

In a Word: Rocking.

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