8i8 The World Need's a Hero

Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

And he's here! The latest and greatest small press champion ever! He flies, he spies and has big green eyes! Yes it's that frivolous flutterer, ButterGuy! The only Butterfly with balls!

8i8 ButterGuy # 1 `Beginnings' out now! 8i8
*** One month in to his tights and he's already making enemies! There's a maniacal magician holding up Over City's police department and it's all ButterGuy's fault!***

freakypud's comix launches it's first small press comic this month with ButterGuy # 1 ` Beginnings', introducing readers to the four-colour world of ButterGuy and the other heroes and villains of Over City. In issue one we look at our heroes origins and how a fluke series of events gave one shy boy the chance to be a champion!

8i8 Online! ButterGuy.com is the official web site for ButterGuy and boasts regular cyber comics, an online community and all the info on ButterGuy characters. http://www.butterguy.com is where it's all happening!

Join in this exciting new world!

8i8 freakypud 8i8

8i8 http://www.butterguy.com 8i8
8i8 http://www.freakypudscomix.com 8i8

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