Potlatch 2001

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2001
By: Darren Schroeder

Potlatch 2001: Comics to Benefit the CBLDF is coming in November. That’s right. The rejectees from The EXPO: 2001 Anthology have banded together to create a companion book for The EXPO Anthology. Made up from a variety of artists and writers from around the country, Potlatch 2001 has been created to spotlight those that have the drive, determination, and talent to make their own brand of comics shine.

Brought together by Steve Noppie of Angry Dog Press and graphic designer Randy Oest, this eclectic group of individual writers and artists hope to show the small, and mainstream, press that they have stories to tell.

Contributors include;

Steve Noppie
Lonnie Allen
Randy Oest
Jose Mochove
Marc Deering
Juan Navarro
Bill Lange
Jennifer M. Contino
Chris Staggs
Carl Mitsch
Mike Watts
Chris Yambar
Chris Pitzer
Stan Yan
Greg Vondruska
Jason Alderman
Sal Priano
Mark Stelmach
Rusty Rowley
Michael Carroll
Ryan Dunlavey
Justin Savage
Ron LeBrasseur

Don’t recognize most of these names? Be careful. In the future you might.

Every name on the list is bringing their special brand of comic flavor to the page, for you, the readers. This is a special bunch of people that have a lot of stories to tell.

Be warned. These could be the next comics superstars.

Marc Deering
I BLEED Black Ink


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