Computers and the Interwebs

Why do I have to have a computer? It's the single most expensive piece of property that I have, and even though my old car was nearly fifty years old I never even considered getting a new one of those, but I've just had to get a new computer when my Performa 5200 and iBook each ceased to work. So the reasons?

Performa 5200
1. Access to the Internet.
e-mail is an important way for me to keep in touch with friends here and overseas, and the web is just a great way of getting information about a range of things. I also edit a section on a web site so need to be able to access the site and upload contributions on a regular basis.
2. Working with HTML, XHTML, CSS, php etc.
I like making web pages, and you can't really do much of that without your own machine.
3. Multimedia
I need access to my music CD's and DVD's, and buying stand alone machines seemed pointless when a computer could do this for me.
4. Desktop Publishing
I edit a comic anthology and need to be able to do page layout and editorial bits, and trying to get stuff printed on other people's computers never works properly.