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Reading the authoritative survey of New Zealand Drama Ourselves in Primetime by Trisha Dunleavy back in 2006 made me want to read more about the individual productions, but looking around made me realise that many great shows from my childhood like Mortimer's Patch, The Governor, Close to Home, and Under the Mountain were sadly neglected on the world wide web. Thus I was inspired to develop this site to try and document as much as I could about New Zealand TV shows. In some cases this is just links to a fan page or official site if one exists, or there might be more details based on my research and the kind assistance of visitors.

My main focus for this site is on shows from before the 1990s because they pre-date the emergence of the web so aren't usually very well documented online, and it also allows me to turn a blind eye to much of the reality TV shows which I have to say I don't find that entertaining. Since starting the site I've also moved to the UK, so I'm not in a position to keep up to date with every 21st century production, only the ones that turn up on UK TV, but these shows most likely have their own website somewhere out there for people to access.

If you have any information, memories, links or questions about NZ TV shows feel free to add them to this site. Your help to fill confirm details for shows that don't ring any bells with me would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of visitor ask whether there favourite show is available on DVD, well the range of New Zealand shows available is small, it is slowing growing.

Avalon to be sold

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TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis said "The need for Avalon's large studio facilities for local television production has steadily decreased over the years with the outsourcing of programme making and big budget, studio-based, local shows being less profitable to commission."

The complex includes four purpose-built television studios and a high definition control room, as well as extensive set design and build workshops, wardrobe, make-up and green rooms. There was also an extensive back lot available for production use.

The TVNZ Archive at Avalon would not be impacted by the changes.

From the Archives: Five Decades

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TVNZ Heartland have been screening an archive TV show showcase some of the gems from New Zealand's screen heritage, hosted by former TV presenter Andrew Shaw.

Focussing on a decade each week - across five weeks - the show is a reflection of the mood of the decade and what was popular on the nation's TV screens at the time.

From 60s favourite Town and Around, to a celebration of Shortland Street's 2000th episode, the retrospective has excerpts from classic shows with some programmes screening in their entirety.

Significant news events are also be reviewed and Shaw interviews key television personalities from each decade.

Read more: From the Archives: Five Decades

Golden milestone for New Zealand television

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Jonathan Coleman,  Broadcasting Minister comments as New Zealand television celebrates a special milestone with the 50th anniversary of the first television broadcast.

‘'The industry has served viewers well for half-a-century and we've been treated to some great television, characters and legendary presenters over the years. With rapid technological changes, the next 50 years are shaping to break new ground for television,'' says Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman.

‘'Television has taken a quantum leap forward since the first transmission streamed out of Auckland 50 years ago. It was limited to Auckland and to only two hours a week on Monday nights.

‘'There was no money for new programmes, so in addition to test patterns, Auckland viewers enjoyed clips from old National Film Unit newsreels and whatever free content the then New Zealand Broadcasting Service could beg, borrow or steal.

‘'Today we can watch high definition, colour programmes across multiple channels, both free-to-air and pay, 24 hours a day and pre-record all our favourite programmes at the push of a button.

‘'Just as television has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, digital convergence between the internet, telecommunications and broadcasting mean that changes are likely to be even more speedy and profound over the next 50 years.''

New Zealand Television Awards cancelled

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ThinkTV, the convenor of the 2012 New Zealand Television Awards, has announced the end of the annual Awards following discussions with its major partners TVNZ and MediaWorks.

The Awards have been through some turbulent times in the last few years with the loss of a key sponsor in 2011 and with the Screen Directors’ Guild of New Zealand pulling out of what was the joint Film and Television Awards at the beginning of 2012.

ThinkTV, on behalf of its members, would like to thank the judges, contestants, associated sponsors and the many others for the time and effort they have contributed to making the awards the success that they have been for the last five years.