Jonah Hex

He was a hero to some, a villain to others...and wherever he rode people spoke his name in whispers. He had no friends, this Jonah Hex, but he did have two companions: one was death itself...the other, the acrid smell of gunsmoke...


World's Finest #25 ()
worlds_finest_25_may_2024 Mark Waid (w), Steve Pugh and Dan Mora (a)
Lex Luther and the Joker follow a mystical map in serch of a plot point and along the way pay a one-panel visit to Jonah in the old west.

Outsiders #8 ()
outsiders_08_2024 Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (w), Robert Carey (a), covers by Roger Cruz, Christian Ward, and Don Aguillo
In the storied deserts of the American southwest, a dangerous specter stalks the innocent and guilty alike with a vengeance that spans all the way back to those first dark days of the Old West. Anyone with violence in their heart can become the victim...or the perpetrator. Can Kate Kane (Bat Woman) hunt this monster down before more innocent lives are destroyed...or before it consumes her soul with its violence as well? Guest-starring Jinny Hex.

Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest #22 ()
batman-superman_worlds_finest_22_2024 Mark Waid (w), Dan Mora (a).
Trapped in the universe of Kingdom Come, the World's Finest heroes talk to a lot of folk and encounter a Jonah Hex again... Set on Earth 22

Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest #21 ()
batman-superman_worlds_finest_21_2024 Mark Waid (w), Dan Mora (a)
Superman and Batman, having followed Boy Thunder to Kingdom Come, find themselves and that world on a path to an apocalyptic future which seems to include a Jonah Hex cameo... Set on Earth 22

Justice League: Warworld ()
justice_league_warworld Jeff Wamester directs from a script by Jeremy Adams, Ernie Altbacker and Josie Campbell
Animated film with the Justice League swept away to Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat where they meet up with a mix of DC characters including Jonah Hex voiced by Troy Baker.

Let Them Live! ? ()
hire_let_them_live.jpg - 23.6 KB Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan Panosian
Dan Panosian shared some artwork on Twitter from a Hex inventory story that never was, and folks are hoping it might find its way into the upcoming DC anthology of unpublished tales from the DC Vaults.

Movie or TV? ()
film_or_tv_rumor.jpg - 20.9 KB We Got This Covered reported a rumour that Warner Bros. is planning on rebooting Jonah Hex. At the moment, though, they're not sure whether they want to go in the direction of making another movie or doing a TV show centered around the outlaw. If they go with a film, he'll be brought into the DCEU. If the project ends up on TV, though, it'll stream on HBO Max and won't be related to the version seen on The CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

Comics; The Main Appearances


All-Star Western v2 #10-11 (1972) »more»

Weird Western Tales #12-14, 16-38 (1972-1977) »more»

Jonah Hex Spectacular #1 (1978/Fall) »more»

Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo #1-5 (1993) »more»

Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such #1-5 (1995) »more»

Jonah Hex: Shadows West #1-3 (1999) »more»

Jonah Hex Vol 2: #1-70 (2005-2011) »more»

Jonah Hex: No Way Back (2009) »more»

All Star Western Vol 3 #1-34(2011) »more»

Guest Appearances

Justice League of America #159, 160, 198, 199 (1978, 1982)

Super Star Holiday Special - DC Special Series v4 #21 (1980/Spring)
holiday_special A heart warming Christmas story of JH helping starving settlers.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #3 (1985/06)
crisis_on_Infinite_earths_03 »more»

DC Challenge #2, 3(1985/12, 1986/01)
dc_challange_03+ Tag team jam comic with large cast of characters. »more»

Legion Of Super-Heroes #23 (1986/06)
legion_of_superheros_23 A cross over with Hex #10 of the same month.

Swamp Thing #85 (1989/04)

Time Masters #2, 3 (1990)
time_maters Cameo in #2, supporting role in #3 »more»

Green Lantern #195, 196 (1995)
green_lantern_crisis Crisis Crossover

Superboy #54, 55 (1998)
The New HexThe first appearance of the new female Hex, a former supermodel-turned-mysterious-shooter.
The folks at rec. arts. comics. dc. uni. universe describe her as a busty red-head ex-supermodel with a fashionable scar, riding a dragon-esque DNalien (called Grokk) which is all the back story we get so far. Apparently she channels the spirit of Jonah Hex into herself and is able to fire energy bullets out of empty guns. In these appearances she seemed to be having flashbacks to when she was Hex in a former life. This is a plain weird idea, but kinda entertaining as well. »more»

Superboy #71-75 (2000)
Jonah Hex, Super Model
Saw the return of the former supermodel-turned-mysterious-shooter called Hex! »more»

Superman & Batman: Generations vIII #8 (2003/10)
Batman & Superman: Generations III #8Superman has learned the deadly secret behind Darkseid's attack on the Earth, but an attempt to take the battle to its source hurls the Man of Steel into the Smallville of 800 years in the past! Get ready for the time-tossed meeting of a pair of gods of New Genesis and a confrontation with a ruthless gunslinger named... Jonah Hex!

Superman/Batman #16 (2004/12)
Superman/Batman #16Jonah puts a major hurt on Superman.
Written by Jeph Loeb; Art and cover by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino
Things heat up for the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight in Part 3 of the 5-part "Absolute Power!" Is there a world for Superman and Batman to rule, or have the hunted become the prey? Guest-starring unexpected arrivals from throughout the DCU!

Justice League Unlimited #19
Cover for issue 19Written by Adam Beechen; Art by Gordon Purcell and Bob Petrecca; Cover by Ty Templeton
Wonder Woman, Elongated Man and Vigilante track a sinister time traveller back to the Old West. But it's going to take the help of Jonah Hex, Bat Lash and El Diablo for them to stand a chance against the Time Commander! Guns are a 'blazin' in "The Justice Rangers Ride Again!"
Johnny DC | 32pg. | Color | $2.25 US
On Sale March 1, 2006

Trail of Time
trail_of_tine_detail Desperadoes writer Jeff Mariotte mentioned in an interview early 2006 that he just finished a then unnamed novel for DC Comics featuring Jonah Hex. Now he has discussed a few more details:
..also a fan of The DCU's cast of Western characters, which helped him pen the soon-to-be-announced DC Universe based novel Trail of Time ... a time-travel epic starring Superman, the Phantom Stranger and The Demon, which ends with a climactic battle in 1872 Arizona, where our heroes encounter some of DC's greatest Western characters (including Jonah Hex, El Diablo, Scalphunter, Bat Lash and Johnny Thunder). Mariotte jumped at the chance to lend his talents to the series of novels, the stated goal of which was to team some of the DC universe's flagship characters with some of their lesser-known brethren. 'When it was offered to me, it sounded like a lot of fun because I could play with some of DC's great roster of characters who probably wouldn't get a whole novel of their own,' said Mariotte.

The All-New Booster Gold #3
Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm RapmundWritten by Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz; Art and Cover by Dan Jurgens and NormRapmund
This is it! The DEATH of BOOSTER GOLD!! And nothing will ever be the same aga...wait. We already tried to kill him? Really? Well, in this issue Booster Gold heads back to the Old West and runs into Jonah Hex. You know, that crazy looking gunfighter! But what does Jonah Hex have that Booster desperately needs? Plus: the Death of Jonah Hex!!
What? We can't kill him either? Well, someone's going to fall off a horse at least!* (*Warning: This issue may not contain a scene of anyone falling off a horse.)
DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US
On Sale October 10, 2007

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #3 and 4
Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #4Written by Grant Morrison
Jonah Hex turns up in the last couple of pages of issue 3 The most anticipated miniseries of 2010 continues! As Bruce Wayne's astonishing journey through time continues in this 6-issue miniseries, The Dark Knight travels to the eras of high seas thievery! Mastermind writer Grant Morrison's most ambitious project to date continues to chronicle the return of the original man behind the cape and cowl - Bruce Wayne! Featuring the dynamic artwork of Yanick Paquetteand it sounds like him and Batman are gonna go head-to-head in #4: Grant Morrison's can't-miss Batman story rolls on as Bruce Wayne's next stop on his amazing journey through time brings him to the Wild West - but will he escape alive? Artist Cameron Stewart (BATMAN AND ROBIN) joins Morrison to take The Dark Knight on a ride!
DC Universe | 40pg | Color| $3.99 US
On Sale June and July
Spotted by Susan Hillwig

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #17
batman_brave_and_the_bold_17 Written by Sholly Fisch; Art and cover by Robert Pope and Scott McCrae
A week in the life of Batman takes him from an outer space adventure with the Green Lantern Corps to an old West showdown with Jonah Hex and back to the mean and monster-filled streets of Gotham with The Creeper. The Bat-phone is ringing off the hook as The Dark Knight teams up with some unlikely allies and classic heroes in "A Batman's Work is Never Done!"
Johnny DC | 32pg. | Color | $2.50 US
On Sale May 19, 2010

Weird Western #71
cover by Bill SienkiewiczWritten by Dan DiDio; Art by Renato Arlem; cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

As part of Blackest night DC crossover event eight classic titles from DC's past will return from the dead for one month only to celebrate this mega-crossover throughout the DC Universe. Each series will pick up on its original numbering and feature characters from their original runs as they deal with the events currently unfolding in the DC Universe. Blackest Night deals with characters raised from the dead, and in the Weird Western issue Dan DiDio lets readers know what all the dead old west characters are doing in the new west today.

The gun-slinging action continues here in an issue written by DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio! Western heroes Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, Scalphunter and Firehair rise from the dead as Black Lanterns. But will they save the west - or ruin it? Find out in another of this month's one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!
DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US
On Sale January 6, 2010

The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #11
illustrated by Rick Burchett and Dan DavisWritten by Sholly Fisch;
Art and cover by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis
Old West gunslinger Jonah Hex would rather ride the range than the streets of 19th century Gotham City, but that's where he ends up on his latest bounty hunt. Now, unless he and a time-traveling Batman can stop a threat put in motion back in 1879, today's Gotham will face certain doom!
Johnny DC | 32pg | Color | $2.99 US
On Sale September 14, 2011

Convergence: Infinity Inc #1
Detail from pg 20Written by Jerry Ordway; Art by Ben Caldwelt, Colors by Jordie Bellaire
The young heroes of Infinity Inc. must choose between the path set for them by their parents or the one they've set for themselves as they face post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex.
On Sale April 2015

Convergence: Infinity Inc #2
cover by Ben CaldweltWritten by Jerry Ordway; Art by Ben Caldwelt, Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Jade, Obsidian, Nuklon and the rest of the Infinity Inc. team try to prove that they deserve their place among the Earth-2 heroes as they fight the post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex!
On Sale May 2015

Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam Special #1
vs_yosemite_sam_both.jpg - 33.3 KBWritten by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art and cover by Mark Texeira
Backup story written by Bill Matheny
Backup story art by Dave Alvarez
Variant cover by Dave Alvarez
When miner Yosemite Sam strikes it rich, word gets out as everyone comes gunning for his wealth! To protect himself and his new riches, he hires bounty hunter Jonah Hex-but the man protecting him may be his worst nightmare! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Bill Matheny and artwork by Dave Alvarez.
On sale JUNE 28 2017 - 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US - RATED T

Scooby-doo Team-up #28
scoobydoteamuo_028.jpg - 19.7 KBWritten by SHOLLY FISCH
Art and cover by DARIO BRIZUELA
The gang uncovers a tale of their great-great-grandparents (and grand-dog!) in the old West. When monstrous rumors bring the Weirdness Wagon to town, will they find a fearsome beast, or just come face-to-scarred-face with the lawman Jonah Hex?
On sale JULY 26 - 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US - RATED E

Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me ()
Jonah is a main cast member in this storyline of an island out of time... »more»

Batman: Universe ()
Jonah and one of his decendants play import roles in Batman's quest through time...»more»

Dark Nights: Death Metal ()
When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman fights to survive alongside a resurrected Jonah....»more»

Flash: Fastest Man Alive #5 ()
flash_fastest_man_alive_05.jpg - 20.9 KB Gail Simone (w), Clayton Henry (a), Marcelo Maiolo (c)
It's a race through all of time as the Flash tries to get the upper hand against Eobard Thawne (the Reverse-Flash). In the process they meet up with Jonah. $0.99 from Comixology, scheduled to appear in Flash Giant #5 out on June 10th.


A few of us Jonah Hex enthusists got togeather for a podcast, hope you enjoy it!

Cameos / Pin-ups

Batman #237 (Dec 1971)
Contains advert for Jonah Hex's first appearance in All Star Western #10 »more»

Our Army at War #240 (January 1972)
Contains advert for Jonah Hex's first appearance in All Star Western #10 »more»

Swamp Thing #46 (1986/03)
swamp_thing_v2_046 Cameo, part of crowd scene.

Justice League Europe Annual #2 (1991/01)
justice_league_europe_annual_2Keith Giffen revisits Hex

Books of Magic #4 (1991/02)
books_of_magic_04 Small picture of Jonah with no dialogue.

Armageddon: Alien Agenda #3 (1992/01)
armageddon_alien_agenda_3 Cameo, pp10-14

Zero Hour #0 (1994/09/28)
zero_hour_crisis_in_time_00 Cameo, p24 with no dialogue. Part of timestream montage. Also in timeline at the end of the book.

The Death of Jonah Hex (1995)
The satanic-country-gothabilly band Ghoultown sing a song about Hex.

Vertigo Gallery: Dreams and Nightmares (1995)
vertigo_gallery_dreams_and_nightmares Pin-up

Kingdom Come #4 (1997)
kingdom_come_4Cameo, page 206, panel 3
'In the vacuum tube we see the preserved corpse of DC's western anti-hero Jonah Hex, which is how he remains in current DC Continuity. However, his garb is not his traditional Confederate uniform, but instead something closer to the costume of a Singing Cowboy, the antithesis of what Hex stood for..' Spotted on Kingdom Come Annotations. Perhaps they haven't read 'Death of a Gunfighter' and subsequent stories that explain how his corpse got clothed. »more»

Unlimited Access #1 (1997)
unlimited_access_1 Axel "Access" Asher is shown to be the cause of Jonah's jump into the future of Hex in a brief retelling of the events from Jonah Hex #92.

Guns of the Dragon #3 (1998/12)
guns_of_the_dragon_3 Jonah is mentioned by Batlash.

The Kingdom #2 (1998)
kingdom_4Cameo, page 25, panel 5.
During a fight in the Planet Krypton restaurant, the heroes begin grabbing the various trophies around the place to use as weapons (like Sandman's gas guns and a bow and quiver from Green Arrow). One of them pulls the Dragoons out of the hands of the stuffed Jonah Hex (last seen in the KINGDOM COME epilogue). Despite the plaque with his name on it, this may have been overlooked all these years because the rodeo outfit is miscolored: it's light brown, like buckskin, instead of the proper white. »more»

The Kents #8, 10 (1998)
kents_8+10 JH appeared in the Kents #8 and had a one panel, no dialogue, appearance in #10.

JLA: World Without Grown-Ups #1 (1998)
On page 29, a little kid shoots up a Jonah Hex arcade game.

Wild Times: Deathblow (1999/08)
wild_times_deathblow Jonah Hex and Bat Lash appear in a tale set in the Wild West of 1899 featuring Deathblow as one of the last of the old-time gunslingers.

Worlds Funniest (2000)
worlds_funniest Cameo. As Bat-Mite And Mr Mxyzptlk Fight It Out Jonah Hex Appears In One Panel

Starman #64, from April 2000
Starman #64On page 19, bottom panel, you'll see a warehouse full of an odd assortment of items, all relating to "bizarre aspects of the superheroic world", as the caption says. If you look to the right of the panel, just below and to the left of the tail end of the Blackhawk plane, you'll see what looks like a grinning skeleton with wisps of hair on its head. Writer James Robinson confirmed to Susan Hillwig that is indeed the stuffed corpse of Jonah Hex.

Hawkman #7 (2002/11)
hawkman_7 Hex is mentioned by Nighthawk as a gunslinger he has met.

The Legion #29 (2004/03)
legion_29 Cameo. Somewhere in all the time breaking goings on Jonah Hex is seen firing into something that looks a lot like the anti-matter clouds seen in "Crisis on Infinite Earths."
The penultimate chapter of "Foundations" sees the past and future of the DCU's most monumental menace collide, as time itself collapses! In the 31st Century, on one tiny, surviving scrap of the continuum, the Legion stages a final, desperate effort to restore cosmic order and prevent the total eradication of their universe.'

Another Nail #3 (2004/8)
another_nail_03 Silent appearance in two panels

Deadshot #4 (2005/03/02)
deadshot_04 In a brief (two panels) discussion Deadshot mentions that he is reading Jonah Hex's biography, and that he can kind of relate to the guy. The author of the biography is Professor Laurence, who was mentioned in SECRET ORIGINS #21 as the man who wrote the "definitive" book on Hex.

Superman/Batman #18 (2005/02)
superman_batman_18 Cameo - single panel non-speaking appearance as part of a timestream montage showing "when" Superman and Batman have travelled in the Absolute Power storyline.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (2005/04)
crisis_novel Novelisation by Marv Wolfman. Jonah is mentioned by name along with Nighthawk and some other cowboys.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
infinite Crisis Secret Files CoverWritten by Marv Wolfman; Art by Dan Jurgens with Jerry Ordway and Marc Campos; Cover by Ivan Reis and Campos
Jonah Hex make an cameo appearance in this comic, shown dressed in his western and post-apocalyptic garb. Seems Superboy-Prime's attacks on the Crystal barrier separating him, Superman of Earth-2, his wife, Lois Lane of Earth-2, and Alex Luthor of Earth-3 from the regular DCU are having interesting effects, creating "conflicting truths". Speculation is mounting amongst Jonah Hex fans regarding what this means continuity wise for Jonah's time travel tales in Hex .
DC Universe | 64pg. | Color | $5.99 US
On Sale March 15, 2006

Infinite Crisis #6
Jonah hex in sliverHex has a cameo in a group shot with a bunch of other Western heroes in the panel labelled Earth 898, plus he grabs a "sliver" of the cover.
On Sale April 5, 2006

52 #2
52_2 Jonah has a cameo, with his face shown in one panel near the end of The History of the DC Universe, a 10-part backup feature by Dan Jurgens and Art Thibert that takes you on a tour through the legendary past of the DCU

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters # 3 (2006/09)
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 03 interiorThe folks at Wikipedia tell us that Jonah made a cameo appearance in this issue, guarding the Long Walk of the Navajo in 1864. »more»

Reports fom the New York Comic Convention were that Jonah was to appear in DC comics' follow up to 52 , Countdown , but it doesn't appear this happened.

All New Booster Gold #1 &' 3
Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm RapmundJonah turned up in the Booster Gold series which started with issue one in August 2007. Someone is exploiting the ravaged time stream, hoping to eliminate the world's greatest heroes - and only Booster Gold can stop them. But, really - Booster Gold? Why him? What does Rip Hunter truly want? And what shocking figure is behind it all?
Jonah almost made an appearance on the cover of issue one except the barcodebox took him out, and had a cameo in the last pages of issue two which lead into a major appearance in issue 3...

Concepts: Tony DeZuniga
Hex pin-upSigned by Tony DeZuniga & limited, 1000.
Among the 32 full-page drawings there are three Jonah Hex images. »more»

100 Proof Hex
100% proof Jonah Hex 100% proof Jonah Hex Saturday night 03 April 2010 at 20:00 saw the Isotope comic shop hosting their post WonderCon party, which this year had a Jonah Hex theme, with Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Darwyn Cooke instore plus some other surprises,including Hex themed shot glasses. »more»

DC's 2009 Christmas card
The folks at DC used our favourite cowboy for the cover of their in-house Christmas card.
Xmas Card

Wednesday Comics #12 (Sept. 23, 2009)
Hex pin-upIn the last panel of the Supergirl strip, you'll see a Jonah Hex comic laying in the corner.

Power Girl #10 (Apr. 2010)
Hex cameos on the cover as a comic cover. »more»

Jonah Hex: Logo No. 1 Archival Print
PosterDC release a print they describe as a "spaghetti western-style take on DC's most famous hero of the wild west" on acid-free archival paper-stock, available in two sizes, 12 x 18 inches and 24 x 36
Price: $19.95 - $34.95
The design is a clever idea, but too typographic for me to hang on the wall - perhaps it would be better on a t-shirt, or web-banner.... »more»

DCU Legacies #7 (Jan. 2011)
On page 2 of the Snapshot: Reunion! backup story, Hex is featured in a montage of historical figures. in a montage of historical figures.

Trinity of Sin Pandora #1 (June 2013)
TH Jonah appears in a panel which shows Pandora's appearances in all of the DC New 52 number 1's, seen from her perspective.

Suicide Squad #26 (2014)
hex in Suicide SquadHex makes a cameo in this issue, in a scene discussing the early days of Belle Reve Prison.

Harley Quinn #20
Panel from page 2Jonah Hex cameos among the airline passengers in a dream sequence.
On Sale Sep 16 2015

The Line it is Drawn #258
He's ornery
Brendan Tobin drew Jonah as part of a definition of the word "ornery" for the Comic Book Resources feature.
18 Septeber 2015

Generations Shattered #1 ()
generations_shattered_01_2021.jpg - 22.3 KB Art by: Paul Pelletier, Kevin Nowlan, Fernando Pasarin. Written by: Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, Dan Jurgens
Jonah shows up with a one panel cameo.

Parodies / Alt-realty

Amazing World Of DC Comics v3 #13 (1976/10)
An unpublished four-page parody by the series' creators. Originally prepared for Plop! »more»

Hex - Escort to Hell (1986ish)
DC Heroes role playing module. A dice game where Hex roams the Wastelands of the future. »more»

The Outsiders #6 (1986/04)
outsiders_06 Jonah makes an imaginary appearance, wearing his mid-21st Century "Hex" outfit, in the back-up story The Outsiders At Bat.

Generation Hex #1 (1997/06)
generation_hex Story by Peter Milligan. Art by Adam Pollina and Mark Morales.
Humanity's Last Stand! In order to save two universes, the young hero known as Access was forced to use the power of Amalgam (see Marvel versus DC (1996) #3). In this issue, bounty-hinter Jonah Hex and Generation X are merged to create Jono Hex and the Generation Hex gang, the most wanted mutants in the Old West.

Fringe - "Over There: Part 2"
Jonah Hex in JL #1The last episode for season 2 of this Fox network science fiction television series took place on an alternative earth where they have DC comics, but not quite the DC comics we know. Amongest a few of the "alternate reality" covers seen on screen was a Justice League #1 with Guy Gardner out, and Jonah Hex in.

Adventures of The Super Sons #9, 10 & 12 ()
What in the west world is Jonah Hex doing out in space?!?! »more»


Jonah Hex #5 (1977)
jonah_hex_v1_06_150 Reprints first ever Jonah Hex story from All Star Western #10 with an added framing sequence.

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest: Year's Best Comics Stories (1979) #5 (1980)
best_of_dc_blue_ribbon_digest_05_1979_detail Reprints The Widow Maker! from Jonah Hex #25

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest: Superman Year's Best Comics Stories (1980) #11 (1981/04)
best_of_dc_blue_ribbon_digest_11_1981_detail Reprints The Vow Of A Samurai from Jonah Hex #39

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest: Year's Best Comics Stories (1981) #23 (1982/04)
best_of_dc_blue_ribbon_digest_23_1979_detail Reprints The Haunting! from Jonah Hex #53

Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo (1994-10)
two_gun_mojo_tpbk Reprints Two Gun Mojo miniseries from 1993.

Absolute Vertigo #1 (1995)
absolute_vertigo_1 Preview of Riders of the Worm and Such

Millennium Edition All Star Western #10 (2000/04)
all-star_western_10_millenium_ed Reprint of the first ever Jonah Hex story.

Crisis on Infinite Earths tpb (2000/12)
crisis_on_infinate_earth_tpbk_detail Jonah is on the upper right hand corner of the cover - looks like future Jonah
pp 69, 89, 109, 114, 118, 121 (cover) 129, 132, 173 (cover), 363

Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex Vol. 1
showcase_presents_jonah_hex_01 Written by John Albano & Michael Fleischer; Art by Tony DeZuniga, Doug Wildey, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and others; Cover by Luis Dominguez
Witness the earliest adventures of DC's legendary gunslinger from All-Star Western #10-11, Weird Western Tales #12-14 and #16-33! Jonah Hex had no friends, but he did have two companions: death, and the acrid smell of gunsmoke! (includes Outlaw stories by from All-Star Western #2-8)
DC Universe | 528pg. | B&W | Softcover | $16.99 US
On Sale November 2, 2005

Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex Vol. 2
showcase_presents_jonah_hex_02 Back in 2007 DC were the Grinch that stole Christmas when they decided that due to residual issues this trade had to be cancelled. After years in the wilderness a change of heart saw it resolicited, and after a few false starts it finally appeared 3 Apr 2014.
Writers: Michael Fleischer, and David Michelinie
Artists: Artists: George Moliterni, Bill Draut, Luis Dominguez, Rich Buckler, Frank Springer, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Romeo Tanghal, Ernie Chan, Noly Panaligan, Vicente Alcazar, Danny Bulanadi, Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano, Val Mayerik,
Collects: WEIRD WESTERN TALES #34-38 and JONAH HEX #1-22.
$19.99 U.S.
Format: Trade Paperback
Dimensions: 544 Pages,
ISBN: 1401241069

Jonah Hex: Shadows West
jonah_hex_shadows_west_tdpk In these twisted tales from Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo #1-5, Jonah Hex: Shadows West #1-3 and Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such #1-5, Hex battles a doctor determined to transform him into a zombie, joins up with a Wild West show and learns the dark secret behind the existence of a demonic baby, and discovers an ancient race of man-eating worms from beneath the earth.
U.S. Price: $24.99
Art by: Sam Glanzman, Tim Truman
Cover by: Tim Truman
Written by: Joe Lansdale
On Sale Date: Apr 9 2014
Binding: Softcover

Jonah Hex Vol 1: A Face Full of Violence TP
jonah_hex_vol_01_face_full_of_violence_tpbk Writers: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Luke Ross and Tony DeZuniga; original cover artists Frank Quitely, Leonardo Manco, Phil Noto, Howard Chaykin, Tim Bradstreet and Brian Bolland Collects Jonah Hex (Vol 2) #1-6
$12.99, 144 pages
On Sale August, 2006

Jonah Hex Vol. 2: Guns of Vengance TP
jonah_hex_vol_02_guns_of_vengance_tpbk Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Artists: Luke Ross, Dylan Teague, Tony Dezuniga, Phil Noto, David Michael Beck, Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Art Thibert
Price: $12.99 US/$15.99 CAN
Page count: 144 pages
Collects: JONAH HEX #7-12
Reported to be due for release in April '07.

Jonah Hex Vol 3: Origins
jonah_hex_vol_03_origins_tpbk Another online find is a trade paperback entitled Origins credited to Jimmy Palmotti. At 144 pages it's longer than a collection of the recent 3 part retelling of Jonah's origin would require, so it must have some other issues included. My guess is that it collects issues 13-18 of the latest series.
Format: Trade Paperback
Published: November 21, 2007
Dimensions: 144 Pages, 6.42 x 9.56 x 0.49 in
ISBN: 1401214908
Published By: DC Comics

Jonah Hex Vol 4: Only The Good Die Young
jonah_hex_vol_04_only_the_good_die_young_tpbk I missed this in the solicitations, but out in a store near you is this new tpb collection from the current series.
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Phil Noto, Jordi Bernet and David Michael Beck; Cover by Noto
This volume - collecting issues #19-24 of the bloody, hard-hitting series - features the lushly illustrated adventures of Hex as he dodges bullets, rights wrongs and courts death in the Old West.
Released: April 29, 2008
DC Universe | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $12.99 US

Jonah Hex Vol 5: Luck Runs Out
jonah_hex_vol_05_luck_runs_out_tpbk Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Russ Heath, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jordi Bernet, John Higgins, Stefano Landini and Rafa Garres; Cover by Jordi Bernet
Six-guns blaze again in this new Jonah Hex title collecting issues #25-30! This volume features a lost chapter from the end of Hex's trail, in which he meets his son in an awkward and violent encounter.
DC Universe | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $12.99 US
On Sale October 8, 2008

Jonah Hex Vol 6: Bullets Don't Lie
jonah_hex_vol_06_bullets_dont_lie_tpbk Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by various; Cover by
Six-guns blaze again in this new Jonah Hex title collecting issues #31-36!
DC Universe | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $12.99 US
On Sale April 7, 2009

Jonah Hex Vol. 7: Lead Poisoning
jonah_hex_vol_07_lead_poisoning_tpbk Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Jordi Bernet, Rafa Garres and David Michael Beck; Cover by Jordi Bernet
Jonah Hex returns, six-guns blazing, in this new collection of issues #37-42 of his acclaimed series. This time, Hex runs afoul of a trio of beautiful female bounty hunters and almost becomes the victim of a doctor's grisly practice.
DC Universe | 144pg | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US

Jonah Hex Vol. 8: Six Gun War
jonah_hex_vol_08_six_gun_war_tpbk Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmotti; Art and Cover by Cristiano Cucina
In this epic from issues #44-49, Quentin Turnbull is out for vengeance on the man he believes is responsible for killing his son: Jonah Hex! Guest-starring Tallulah Black, Bat Lash and more!
DC Universe | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US
On Sale April 14, 2010

Jonah Hex: Welcome To Paradise
cover by Jose Luis Garcia-LopezWritten by John Albano and Michael Fleischer; Art by Tony Dezuniga, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and others ; Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
These are the classic tales from the '70s on which John Hex's legend was built, many of which have never been reprinted in color. Collecting All-Star Western #10, Weird Western Tales #14, 17, 22, 26, 29 and 30 and Jonah Hex #2 and 4.
DC Universe | 168pg. | Color | Softcover | $17.99 US
On Sale May 5, 2010

Jonah Hex Vol. 9: Counting Corpses
jonah_hex_vol_09_counting_corpses_tpbk Writers: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Darwyn Cooke, Dick Giordano, Jordi Bernet, Paul Gulacy and Billy Tucci
Hideously scarred and tougher than dirt, Jonah Hex burned a trail across the wild west as a bounty hunter and gun for hire taking on the most dangerous of contracts and leaving in his wake a trail of the dead. Jonah Hex discovers a secret being kept by Tallulah Black that could change everything Hex is about. But happiness has no place in the life of Jonah Hex, so what kind of tragedy awaits our disfigured gunslinger? Collects: JONAH HEX #43 and 50-54
DC Universe | 160 pg | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US
On sale October 26, 2010. »more»

Jonah Hex Vol. 10: Tall Tales
jonah_hex_vol_10_tall_tales_tpbk Writers: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Art by Vicente Alcazar, Phil Winslade, Jordi Bernet, Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Brian Stelfreeze; Cover by Darwyn Cooke
In this volume collecting JONAH HEX #55-60, we learn more about Hex's savage origins and how love played a crucial part in making him the bounty hunter he became.
DC Universe | 144 pg | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US
On Sale April 27, 2011

Jonah Hex Vol. 11: Bury Me In Hell
jonah_hex_vol_11_bury_me_in_hell_tpbk Writers: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Jordi Bernet, Nelson, Rafael Garres, Jimmy Palmiotti, Eduardo Risso, Ryan Sook, Jeff Lemire, Michael Gray, Fiona Staples; Cover by Ryan Sook
Can it be true? Jonah Hex has a wife? Find out in these tales from issues #61-67, including a tale illustrated by Eisner Award winner Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS).
DC Universe | 160 pg | Color | Softcover | $17.99 US
On Sale Nov 30 2011

All Star Western Vol. 1: Guns and Gotham
all_star_western_vol_01_guns_and_gotham Writers: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Moritat, Jordi Bernet and Phil Winslade
Even when Gotham City was just a one-horse town, crime was rampant-- and things only get worse when bounty hunter Jonah Hex comes to town. Amadeus Arkham, a pioneer in criminal psychology, enlists Hex's special brand of justice to help the Gotham Police Department track down a vicious serial killer!
DC Universe | 190 pg | Color | Softcover | $16.99 US
On Sale 6 Nov 2012

All-Star Western Vol. 2: The War of Lords and Owls
all_star_western_vol_02_war_of_lords_and_owls Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Moritat,
In this second New 52 collection, Jonah Hex tracks the kidnapper Thurston Moody to New Orleans, then must infiltrated the ranks of the anarchist group August 7, dedicated to eliminating the immigrant population of New Orleans. With Dr. Arkham in jail and his companions Hawkeye and Cinnamon nowhere to be found, things can only get worse for Hex when The Court of Owls reveals its plan to lay siege to Gotham City. Plus: Don't miss the backup features starring Nighthawk, Cinnamon and Bat Lash!
Collects ALL-STAR WESTERN #7-12..
DC Universe 192pg. | Color | $16.99 US
On Sale Mar 6 2013

All-Star Western Vol. 3: The Black Diamond Probability
all_star_western_vol_03_the_black_diamond_probability Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Moritat,
When the workers and patrons of Haley's Circus sample Dr. McKee's Cure All, they begin a painful transformation into psychotic killers and it is up to Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham find the source.
Collects All-Star Western issues 0, 13-18..
DC Universe 224 pg. | Color | $16.99 US
On Sale Nov 12 2013

All-Star Western Vol. 4: Gold Standard
all_star_western_vol_04_gold_standard Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art by Moritat,
Guns and horses, spurs and whiskey. Jonah Hex has made a living using those weapons to become the greatest bounty hunter in the old west. But when a strange man clad in gold with force fields, lasers and the ability to fly drops into the past, Hex's mettle and grit will be tested as never before. The time traveling member of the Justice League, Booster Gold, is featured
Collects All-Star Western issues #17-21.
DC Universe 176 pg. | Color | $16.99 US
On Sale may 13 2014

All Star Western Vol 5: Man out of Time
all_star_western_vol_05_man_out_of_time After a confrontation with Justice Leaguer Booster Gold, the DC Universe's most infamous bounty hunter from the old west is transported 150 years into the future into modern-day Gotham City. Confused and adrift, Hex looks to shoot his way out of trouble - but that may do him no good when he's thrown into Arkham Asylum! All Star Western Volume 5, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, features guest appearances by modern DCU characters such as Superman, Batman, John Constantine, Dr. Amadeus Arkham, and more. Collects issues #22-29.
Paperback: 224 pages
On Sale 6 Nov. 2014

All Star Western Vol 6: End of the Trail
all_star_western_vol_06_end_of_the_trail Now back in the Old West, Hex finds readjusting to his old life a bit more difficult than he expected - especially when he finds out that there's a new Jonah Hex. Hex sets out to settle some scores the only way he knows how: violently. The first unlucky person on Hex's list is the impostor who stole his identity while Hex was trapped in the Gotham of the future. Collects All Star Western issues #29-34.
144 pages On sale 9 April 2015

Weird Western Tales: Jonah Hex HC Vol 1 ()
bronze_age_omnibus.jpg - 20.1 KB Written by Michael Fleisher, John Albano and others, art by Tony Dezuniga, Jose Luis Garcia-lopez and others, new cover by Jose Luis Garcia-lopez.
One of the greatest and most memorable Western characters in comics, Jonah Hex rode the high plains in search of vengeance and justice in these 1970s stories collected here for the first time. A former Confederate soldier, Hex traveled from town to town helping those in need, stopping evildoers but often exacting a high price. Collects adventures from All-Star Western #10-11, Weird Western Tales #12-14 and 16-38
$99.99 US | 7.0625" x 10.875" | 528 PAGES. FC | ISBN: 978-1-77950-377-0
Originally solicited by DC as Jonah Hex: The Bronze Age Omnibus ISBN: 978-1-7795005823, which was to include Jonah Hex #1-17 and Justice League of America #159-160 as well

DC Through The '80s: The End Of Eras HC ()
dc_through_the_80s_end_of_eras.jpg - 18.9 KB Alan Moore
This collection, curated by writer and former DC publisher Paul Levitz, celebrates the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths era of the early 1980s including reprints of Jonah Hex #54-55 and Future Hex gets a mention in ALan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes text proposal which get published for the frst time here. $49.99 US | 520 PAGES | FC | DC
ISBN: 978-1-77950-087-8

Articles / Profiles

The Collector #26 ()
collector_26_front Ken Barr interview with Jonah sketch »more»

Amazing World of DC Comics Vol 2, #6 (1975/5)
amazing_world_of_dc_comics_06 Special Joe Orlando Issue. Jonah on cover-drawn by Orlando, Jonah is mentioned on pp 8-9 in interview given by Orlando, also small picture of Jonah on p8. »more»

Amazing World of DC Comics Vol 2, #1 (1976/8)
amazing_world_of_dc_comics_06 Jonah on cover

Fantasy Trader #25 Comics ()
fantasy_trader_comics_25_1977ish_cover_ Pete Scot
Feature article on Jonah.

Chicago Graphics Review #1 ()
chicago_graphics_review_01 Sketch by Rich Mrozek
Mike Gold interview with Jonah Hex action sketch

RBCC - Rockets Blast Comic Collector ()
rbcc_1978-09 Mike Zeck sketch
David Micheline Interview and Jonah sketch Great insight into Railroad Blaster story and Gunsmoke episode inspiration -

Comics Journal #56 (1979/06)
jhcj56s Cover image and a long interview with Michael Fleisher. »more»

Buyers Guide Comic Fandom #303 ()
art by Eddie Eddings
SuperCon Houston advertisement with Jonah on one panel

Buyers Guide Comic Fandom #305 ()
Art by Staton (Joe?)
Delaware Valley Comicart Consortium advertisement - Jonah on side

Buyers Guide Comic Fandom #312 ()
Art by Butch Guice
interior full page Jonah sketch

Comics Journal #59 ()
comics_journal_59 Companion piece to cover of Comic Journal 56 by Dominguez

Comic Reader #194 (1981/09)
Cover »more»

Buyers Guide Comic Fandom ()
buyers_guide_for_comic_fandom_478_1983 Cover- by Terry Beatty
Jonah on cover

Comics Scene #11 (1983/9)
comics_scene_11 Dick Ayers speaks out.

DC Spotlight #1 (1985)
3 page preview and introduction to the Hex series and cameo in group of DC charaters on back cover. »more»

Comics Interview #22 ()
comics_interview_22 Texeira
Hex poster on back page

History of the DC Universe #1,2 (1986)

Who's Who In The DC Universe vXI (1986/01) »more»

Speakeasy ()
speakeasy_77 ?
Fantasy World Comic shop advertisement - Jonah in middle - could not find name of artist

Comic Journal #144 ()
comics_journal_144_1991 The Good, Bad and the Foreign Article by Jack Jackson regarding foreign born artist doing Jonah.

Comic Buyers Guide #1027 (1993/07/23)
Cover by Tim Truman with Interview. »more»

Comic Effect #42 (2005/04)
comics_effect_42 All Western Issue. Editor Jim Kingman contributes a long piece on the earliest appearances of Jonah Hex in All Star Western and Weird Western. Jonah appears on the cover by Ed Quinby »more»

Back Issue #12(2005/09)
back_issue_12 Has a Hex related article: Tony DeZuniga draws bead on Jonah Hex, the anti-hero that reinvented the Western comic (with John Albano's never-before-published roughs for the first Hex story). The piece features three pages of original pencil art by Tony DeZuniga and three pages from the original script by John Albano.

Back Issue! #42 (July 2010)
back_issue_42_both_covers DC Comics' latest movie star, Jonah Hex, headlines a "Wild West" issue, in a rare interview with the bounty hunter's long-time writer, Michael Fleisher-plus Hex art galore by Tony Dezuniga, Luis Dominguez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Keith Giffen, Ed Hannigan, and a posse of popular artists! Plus: Tim Truman's Scout, the Two-Gun Kid joins the Avengers, Herb Trimpe's Rawhide Kid, Dick Ayers' original Ghost Rider, DC's Weird Westerns, Red Wolf, Caleb Hammer, Charlton's Westerns, and the Vigilante's 1970s revival. With art and/or commentary by Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, Chuck Dixon, George Evans, Bill Kunkel, Gray Morrow, Fabian Nicieza, Beau Smith, and more.
TwoMorrows Publishing 84 pages with color, US$7.95
The magazine was originally solicited with another DeZuniga image

Comic Book Issues #1
Comic Book Issues CoverMichael Browning was working on a fanzine project (draft cover shown) many years ago
I've done interviews with Michael Fleisher (Mr. Fleisher is the best interview subject I've spoken with in my 15 years in the fan press and gave me a lot of insight into his work on Jonah Hex), Jimmy and Justin, Tony DeZuniga, Dick Ayers, John Albano, his sister-in-law Sandy Albano (who took care of Mr. Albano during his last months), Rich Buckler, Carmine Infantino, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Ernie Chan, Keith Giffen, Mark Texeira, Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Truman, Dick Giordano, Bob Greenberger, Mike Gold, Sam Glanzman, Russ Heath, Luis Dominguez and several others. Sounds very much worth the wait!


HexClix (2006/02)
Jonah Hex HeroClix figureJonah Hex make maked his entrance into the world of HeroClix gaming with this figure. Check out the player comments.

Showcase Presents Series One (2008/06/18)
jhshowcaseactionfiguresmall DC Direct announced a new line of action figures focused on the characters finding success in the popular DC series of black-and-white Showcase reprint trade paperbacks. Amongest the first wave of releases was Jonah Hex.
News of the release and opinion appeared at Newsarama and eventually at DC Direct: This figure features multiple points of articulation, a base, and is 6.75" tall.

DC Comics Super Hero Collection Special issue #12 (2010/10)
Jonah in Lead Jonah made an appearance as part of the ongoing UK magazine/lead figure series.

Custom Jonah Hex Figure
Fellow Hex fan Mike Harris had wanted a good Hex figure for quite a while, but has always been disappointed with the quality of each 'official' one that came out. So he decided to do it himself, using the movie Hex figure as a basis to work with, altering to suit the comics' depiction of Jonah Hex. Principally; the boots, the pants and the Confederate tunic:

illustrated by Moritat illustrated by Moritat

I think he's done a good job.

DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex Collector Figure
Boxed action figuremanufacturer: mattel toys
Series: DCU Classics 16
Breaking free from the DC comic book pages is this 6" highly detailed collectible figure in its classic comic book styling. Featuring characters from the entire DC Universe, each figure is highly detailed and classically styled with superior articulation. All DC Universe Classics collector figures are authentically sculpted and designed by the prestigious Four Horsemen Studios. This exciting 6" scale Jonah Hex action figure features the western gunslinger in classic comic styling and includes pistol and shotgun accessories. Don't miss out on this exceptional figure. As part of series wave 16 this figure also includes a Collect and Connect figure piece, which collectors can collect and assemble to create another character.
On Sale January 2010

HexClix #D-014 (2014/05)
heroclix_con_exclusive_2014_with_cardWizKids Games Convention Exclusive
This new version of Jonah Hex is 100 points even with Indomitable, 6 range with two targets, one trait giving him permanent Precision Strike, and another that lets him create an Amadeus Arkham token (on his card) once per game. Available only as a competitive prize, though internet auction sites have a few.

Heroclix JLU Jonah #013 ()
whizkids_heroclix_jlu_jonah.jpg - 9.9 KB Whizkids relased a Justice League Unlimited series of figures including Jonah.

The film release was accompanied by a small range of tie-in memorabilia.

Moving Pictures

Batman: The Animated Series Ep#578 (1995/09/12) »more»

Justice League Unlimited Ep#64 (2005/02/22) »more»

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1, Ep# 11 (2009/02/20) »more»

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1, Ep# 21 (2009/06/12) »more»

Jonah Hex Motion Comics (2010/04/28) »more»

DC Showcase Animated series #2 (2010/07/27) »more»

Jonah Hex Film 18 June, 2010
Josh Brolin as Jonah HexDirected by Jimmy Hayward, starring Josh Brolin as Joanh, the movie adaptation of our favourite bounty hunter was released in 2010, and the reviews were...

Teen Titans GO! #2 (2010/07/27) Hex's face adorns the neon lights atop a casino in the episode Driver's Ed »more»

Scribblenauts Unmasked - A DC Comics Adventure
scribble hex screen shotJonah turns up in this intriguing game: (which) combines the series' traditional gameplay of bringing up words and objects in order to solve puzzles with characters and settings from the DC Comics universe

The Flash (2014) Episode #2
Screen grab from The FlashFastest Man Alive
In this this episode a gun store was robbed, Hex's Gun Shop.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016-2018)
Johnathon Schaech has played Jonah three times over the first three seasons of this show. »more»

The Flash: Welcome to Earth-2 Season 2, Episode 13 (2016) »more»

Justice League Action Series 1, ep 26 (2017-07) »more»

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies (2018-07) »more»

Batwoman S1, Ep09 ()
Episode 2 of the multiverse spanning Crisis crossover saw Earth-18's Jonah guarding a plot device »more»

Bullet points

Jonah Hex was created by John Albano & Tony DeZuniga in 1972.

John Albano wrote ten (10) stories with Jonah Hex in them.

David Michilene wrote three (3) Jonah Hex stories.

Arnold Drake wrote one (1) Jonah Hex story.

Jos Landsdale wrote thirteen (13) Jonah Hex stories.

Michael Fleisher wrote one hundred and twenty five (125)refJonah Hex stories.

Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti wrote one hundred and six with Jonah Hex.

Lost Two Face/Hex story
Jimmy Palmiotti made mention of a lost story that sounds interesting: ...we actually has a two face /hex sort of story pitched with the history of the dent family name involved and the bat office killed it at the time.

What kind of guns does Jonah Hex use?
Navy Colt.44 Dragoon Pistols and a .30-.60 Lever-Action Rifle

Did Jonah's Horse have a name?
In Weird Western Tales he rode a horse called "General" until a wild shot killed him in WWT #22

Some of Jonah's decendants have turn up in the DC Universe with Jinny Hex a member of Young Justice and getting her own one-shot, and Chastity Hex turning up in 5 issues of the 2015 Bizarro miniseries.

The Jonah Hex
There used to be a five piece indie rock band by this name roaming the South Wales valleys.


Джона Хекс
A Russian comic fan site artcile about Jonah.

Matching Dragoons
Dwayne "the canoe guy" blogs about the adventures of Jonah Hex within the pages of Weird Western Tales, Jonah Hex, Hex, Jonah Hex vol 2, and anywhere else the scar-faced man appears.

One Fangirl's Opinion
Fellow Hex addict Susan Hillwig provides an illustrated history of Jonah Hex

Unofficial Guide to DC Comics Message Boards: All-Star Western
Discussion group for fans

Where a Murderer's Row of Artists Knock It Out of the Park
Comics Alliance looks at the current series.

Jonah Hex Podcasts
Fellow Hex fan Scott H. Gardner has started up a Jonah Hex podcast. You can find the two episodes that are currently posted on his website: Two True Freaks!

Jonah Hex Strips
Some sample Jonah Hex strips by Russ Heath from a syndicated newspaper series that never sold.

Pop Thought
An interview with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray about the series.

Newsarama run a series of interviews with the creative telent on Jonah Hex Vol 2. Unfortunatley several of these have disappeared (Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jordi Bernet, John Higgins, Rafa Garres, and Justin Gray) but a few are still online:
Back in the Saddle: Paul Gulacy Returns
Mega Con 2009: DC Universe Panel: Jimmy Palmiotti

A search forJonah Hex there brings up a few videos, including an interview with Tony DeZuniga.

Jordi Bernet @ Publishers Weekly
Interview with one of the most popular and revered European comics creators working today, who DC asked to work on Hex.

Michael Browning @ Comicartfans
Michael has a right nice collection of original Jonah Hex artwork and commissioned pieces.

CBR Hex Forum
Observations and opinions regarding Jonah and his creators past and present.

Spurtrack Productions
Comic artist and Hex fan J.R. Magill presents his take on our bounty hunter, including a live action trailer for a fan created Jonah Hex Movie!!!

Justice League Unlimited Action Figures
A bunch of figure customizers put together the cast of characters from the Justice League Unlimited western episode that guest-stared Hex.

The Long Road Home
Fellow Hex addict Susan Hillwig tells a right interesting tale regarding just how Jonah got back from the future.

Tim Truman Artwork
If'n your hideout could use some decorantin', this here merchant's got some right nice pictures.

Newsarama at Wizard World
DC Comics announce at Wizard Wold LA, march 2005 that a hex series is on the way.

Via Pony Express
A mailing list dedicated to Jonah Hex don't you know - best place to get news on Jonah Hex as fans share information.

Weird Western Tales in the Media
A biography of Hex in the animated world.

Making the Grade
Interview with a comic and artwork collector with a love of all things Hex

Hex Marks the Spot
Nicely constructed site focusing on the 1990's Hex

Jonah Hex Summary
Brief rundown of the character with comment from Karl Kesel about the supermodel connection.

Scratch Built Jonah Hex
A very nice piece of model making.

The Sad and Terrible Legend of Jonah Hex
Might nice summary of Jonah's career.

Moondog's Journal
Another look at our pal.

Free Republic
A bunch of respectable citizens yammer 'bout som'ing called political correctness.

Elenco completo delle apparizioni
A list of just about all Hex's tales from folks over yonder in Italy.

The Unofficial Jonah Hex Index
This here fella' must have too much time on his hands, 'cause he done collected a whole lotta details on near all the comics ol' Hex has shown up in.

Jonah Hex Action Figure
Before any had been made commercially, one chap did one himself.

The Winter brothers court case
Among the villains in the book Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such were caricatures of Edgar and Johnny Winter. Those two musicians found out and sued for defamation of character and appropriation of their images. All of the charges were eventually thrown out of court, then reinstated by a Court of appeal in June 2002

Jonah Hex, The Band
The second band who go by the name of Jonah Hex.

Just Comics Article
An article on Hex from the Caribbean.

The Gallery
A collection of original pictures of Hex sent in by fans like yourself.

Who was Nellie Rooke?
What was the true identity of the person who replied to the letters for the Jonah Hex comics in the late 70s / early 80s? I asked Bob Rozakis, DC's Answer Man for several years and now regular contributor to Silver Bullet Comics Books. Another reader also remembered Nellie... more»

Tim Truman
The artist that done the more recent illustrations of our hero has himself a might nice hideout.

Home of Joe R. Lansdale
The spread of a fella whose gone an' told a might many tale tales 'bout Hex

DC Western Characters
A mighty fine reckoning of the folks you might share a tin o' beans with in DC county

War, Western, and Romance Comics Links
A right nice collection of links for those of an inquisitive nature.

Thanks are due to the following for their help in putting this site together:
Fred Page, Scott H. Gardner, Gil Radtke, Susan Hillwig, and Josh.

In Memoriam

John Albano, cartoonist and co-creator of Jonah Hex, passed away in Orlando, Florida on May 23 2005, aged 82. »more», »more», »more», »more»

Tony DeZuniga (1941 - 2012), co-creator of Jonah Hex passed away on Friday 11th of May 2012, after having suffered a stroke. »more», »more», »more»

Eisner award-winning Darwyn Cooke died from cancer 14th May 2016. An artist who made clear and stylish visual storytelling seem effortless, any book he worked on was sure to be a fan favourite, so readers of Jonah Hex were spoilt by his art duties in Jonah Hex(Vol 2) #33, #50, #56 (cover), All-Star Western(Vol 3) #28 (cover) #29 (cover), and #34 - the final issue which Cooke supposedly demanded to illustrate after find out the plot details.

Michael Lawrence Fleisher (1/11/1942 - 2/2/2018) His work on 125 Jonah Hex stories remains the most any single author has contributed to Jonah's story, and set in stone the keystones of Jonah's back-story and characterisation. Memorial page at Autumn Funerals Cremation & Burial, Tigard, Oregon.