Towards the end of next year, a new dimension should be added to New Zealand Television with the introduction of the NZBC’s of the flick-of-a-switch linking system between its TV studios in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Announcing details of the long. awaited scheme, the Director- general of Broadcasting, Mr G. H. Stringer, described the venture as a “major programming advance in New Zealand Television.” He added: “When the scheme is completed—we hope by late next year—it will then be an easy matter for a programme to be originated at any one of the four centres and transmitted simultaneously throughout New Zealand.”

The system will involve a mixture of microwave and off-air linking between the four centres. (“Off-air" is a term denoting the receiving by a microwave antenna of a TV channel’s normal transmitted signal.) NZBC will establish new link points near Rotorua; in the centre of the North Island; near Kaikoura; and at Cheviot.

Microwave Links

New Zealand TV Weekly, Dec 16, 1968


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