Reading the authoritative survey of New Zealand Drama Ourselves in Primetime by Trisha Dunleavy back in 2006 made me eager to know more about the individual productions, but when I tried to find information I discovered that many great shows from my childhood like Mortimer's Patch, The Governor, Close to Home, and Under the Mountain were sadly neglected on the world wide web. Thus I was inspired to found this site on the 1st of October 2006 and began to try and document as much as I could about New Zealand TV shows.

Ourselves in Primetime (June 2005) Auckland University Press
ISBN: 9781869403393

In some cases this takes the form of a link to a fan page or official site if one exists, or there might be details based on my own research and the kind assistance of visitors.

The main focus for the site is shows from before the 1990s because they pre-date the emergence of the web so aren't usually very well documented, and it also allows me to turn a blind eye to much of the reality TV shows that followed in the wake of the then original and fresh Popstars; I have to say most of the similar shows that have followed in its wake I don't find that entertaining.

I don't add many 21st century productions unless they win an award or get my attention by being released on physical media as keeping up with all the output of local tv channels would be a full time task in itself, and most recent shows are likely to have their own website somewhere out there for people to access so don't need my help.

If you have any information, memories, links or questions about NZ TV shows feel free to add them to this site. I'd especially appreciate any help to document the shows that don't ring any bells with me.


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