Regular TV entertainment in New Zealand began with a weekly two-hour transmission on Auckland's Channel Two. The programmes shown during that first broadcast, however, were not those listed in the Listener. After the May 27th issue went to press, NZBC-TV replaced Halls of Ivy with The Four Just Men and the comedy Susie was held out.

No footage exists of television's arrival in Aotearoa 60 years ago, aside from some of the imports such as Robin Hood - but there is a wealth of material to honour the role it has played in the country's history, the curator of a new exhibition says.

The old studios where the first broadcast was screened on 1 June, 1960 are now home to the Gus Fisher Gallery in Shortland Street in the Auckland CBD.

Starting 1 August 2020 it has been presenting The Medium Is The Message, accompanied by On Our Doorstep about the start of television and how it has developed over the years. The Exhibition Labels are well worth a read.

Curator Lisa Beauchamp talked to Standing Room Only about the exhibition and some archival clips are played of people involved on that first night:

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