Television dates in Wellington

From The Evening Post May 23rd, 1961

Weekly telecasts of 28 hours will start from Channel 1, Wellington, on November 1 and from Channel 3, Christchurch, on October 1, the Minister of Broadcasting (Mr. Kinsella) announced yesterday.

Commercial television will start in Christchurch on October 3 and in Wellington on November 1.

Mr. Kinsella has already announced that regular transmissions of up to eight hour-so a week will start in Christchurch on June 1 and in Wellington on July 1. Within a month or so of these dates there is expected to be an initial extension of telecasting time to 18 hours a week.

There will be four hours of transmission each night of the week when telecasts are extended to 28 hours. Advertising will be included on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and for two hours on Wednesdays.

Monday, Friday and Sunday and the balance of Wednesdays will be free from commercials.

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