The corporate body know as the New Zealand Broadcasting Board was set up by the New Zealand government from 1 January 1932 to control broadcasting, taking ownership of the assets belonging to The Radio Broadcasting Company of New Zealand, a private entity.

The Board's functions were described in Parliament as

...being to carry on and improve the broadcasting service within New Zealand, to obtain licenses under the Post and Telegraph' Act, 1928, for the operation of broadcast stations, and to enter into agreements with the Postmaster-General for payment of portion of the wireless and telegraphic fees to the Board. The Board is also empowered to carry out any subsidiary business which in the opinion of the Postmaster-General is ancillary to the conduct of the broadcast service.
Press, Volume LXVII, Issue 20333, 4 September 1931, Page 16

The then existing stations and plant were to be taken over at a price to be fixed by the Postmaster-General. The Board was specifically prohibited from sealing in wireless apparatus.

 The first appointees to the board were

  • Mr. H. D. Vickery, public accountant, of Wellington (chairman).
  • Mr. G. R. Hutchinson, merchant, of Auckland.
  • Mr. L. R. C. Macfarlane, farmer, of Culverden, Canterbury.

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