Colour Video

From Time and Space, October 1971

Camera testing
Above, camera testing prior to shooting commercial

Tuesday 21 September was quite a day for the production boys at WNTV-1. It was the first time they had used the video colour camera under controlled conditions in the studio.

To start the day, Mr E. Black, the channel's station manager, organised a colour television showing of clothes with Cedric Leeming, design supervisor at WNTV-1, for members of the NZBC board and the regional advisory committee.

The purpose of this demonstration was to show how different fabrics and colours reacted in relation to flesh tones.

Haines' had intended to test four carpet samples for colour reproduction. However, since the equipment was all set up, they decided to go further and make a colour video-tape commercial.

The thirty-second commercial opened with a shot of Lake Hayes, then tied-in four shots of four Bremworth carpets.

The purpose of the exercise was to show not only bright colours but subtle tones as well. And the agency was delighted with the result.

To look from an actual Bremworth carpet called "Castle Ridge" in blue-green colourings to that pictured on the monitor was to experience the same colour. 

After the commercial was filmed-and Charles Haines will be showing it to their client on a closed circuit screen at AKTV-2 in late October-Cedric Leeming's crew were presented with another task.

That was to record a three minute speech by The Honourable J. R. Marshall for a BBC colour documentary on the EEC.

It was filmed in colour and also recorded electronically on tape; the latter could be assessed instantly. So, the NZBC was in the unusual position of being able to offer the recording to the BBC either on tape or film.

The opening of Avalon will enable colour filming and colour video-tape recording to be extended greatly beyond its present limitations.

Cedric Leeming said, "It took experimentation but we finally hit on an almost one hundred percent colour match".

left to right: Cedric Leeming, NZBC; Neville Chamberlain, TV producer, and John Gimson, TV director from Charles Haines Advertising and John Hinton, Technical Supervisor, NZBC, discussing format of commercial.

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