Alfred FlettAlfred Flett was born in Sunderland England, moving to New Zealand with his family when he was eleven. He worked a journalist in New Zealand for The Truth and Sunday News and also wrote for print, radio and TV:

The Emden Story (1963) Reconstructed from material by Captain Taprell Darling. A dramatised production in three parts for the National YA radio network of the epic of the German light cruiser, Emden, in the First World War.

Party Line (1964) In this novel Flett and David Yerex describe much fun in skylarking about at Kakarini, a one-pub town in North Auckland.

All Earth to Love (1963) The first drama to be written for local television.

He later moved to the UK where he worked in Fleet Street and wrote a novel:

Never Shake A Skeleton (1973)

Freeman, an operative for the establishment is led by a beautiful blonde to believe he could win a war. But he found, to his horror, that his own side played rougher than the wartime enemy. He tried again-thirty years later. This was his second error. He shook some skeletons. And 'Freeman' found, once more, that his own side were the toughest antagonists of them all...

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