TVNZ Press release tells it all:

He began his television career at Avalon in broadcasting career in radio in before moving to television in 1979 he moved to television, joining TV ONE Sports at Avalon as a reporter, presenter, commentator and field director.

Peter has anchored almost every high profile sporting event since 1979 including Cricket World Cups, Rugby World Cups, and several Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

However, during his time in sport he was probably best known as the anchor for the Saturday sports show, “Sport on One” (see attached photos).

In 1997 he left Wellington and transferred to TVNZ in Auckland to work as a sports reporter and presenter on ONE News, making the move to News presenting full-time in 1999. But Peter’s never been far away from the big sports events, most recently anchoring TVNZ’s coverage of the 2008 Olympics from Beijing.

“It’s always been a privilege to work at the country’s premier broadcasting company,“ says Peter Williams.

“The television landscape has changed dramatically in the last thirty years, but TVNZ still has the channels that New Zealanders watch the most.

“So to be part of an organisation which remains an important part of New Zealanders’ daily lives has been a fulfilling experience – and one which hopefully will go on for a few years yet.”

Peter was born in Geraldine, South Canterbury in 1954 – the son of two primary school teachers. He spent a short time in Canterbury before his parents moved to teach in and around Invercargill. Peter was educated at Waitaki Boys High School during his secondary years after his family moved to Oamaru.

His broadcasting career started at private radio station, 4XO in Dunedin in 1972 doing the mid-dawn shift. He moved to the state radio and television broadcaster, then known as NZBC, and worked on the local radio stations in Masterton (2ZD), Blenheim (2ZE), Invercargill (4ZA) and Christchurch (3ZB) before moving to TV.

“Peter is a first class journalist and broadcaster, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have lasted 30 years in front of the camera,” says Anthony Flannery, TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs.

“He is a true professional – extremely hard working, committed and incredibly popular with viewers”.

“With Peter it’s a case of what you see is what you get – he’s a great bloke with a passion for television and the news.”

Peter recalls the 21st of July 1979 being his very first day in television. It was the day he was assigned to cover a Rugby League Test at Carlaw Park in Auckland and being the ‘trainspotter’ he is, he remembers who played, who won, who coached, how many watched and probably the ticket price for the Test as well.

The time between that Carlaw Park Test and now doesn’t seem like 30 years according to Peter.

“To be honest it doesn’t feel that long, but then you think of who you’ve worked with and the managers and executives who’ve run the company, you realise how much things have changed,” says Peter Williams.

“When I started it was basically a government department with a complete monopoly. Now it’s a multi media company in a fiercely competitive environment. But above all it’s been a great place to work and a place where many of my colleagues have become life long friends.”

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