On a holiday to Tarawera Volcano, Jenny finds a strange fragment of metal – part of the mysterious ‘Fire Key'. Unbeknownst to her, just by touching it, she awakens someone who had been sleeping for a hundred years. Then Jenny discovers that local teenagers Tessa and Lloyd, each own pieces of the key. Once all three parts are fitted together, the trio are plunged into a terrifying set of events...

The Boy from Andromeda - The Guardian

Exec Prods John Mcrae, Don Reynolds, Michael Mcmillan
Prod Caterina De Nave
Dir Wayne Tourell
Created by Jonathan Gunson
Writer Ken Catran
Script Ed James Griffin

Alien effect: Weta


Strangely kiwis can't watch the full series in New Zealand but it looks like folks in the US can see it on Amazon 

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