Jason Gunn hosted this kids show.

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Jason & Thingee's Big Adventure

At last! Jason and Thingee on video!

Now you don't have to sprint home from school, work or career in from the clothesline, because we've taken the best bits from the Son of a Gunn show and put them on video so you can see them again and again! There are songs sketches, pies in the face, famous guests on Jason's slide, pies in the face. El Gregoe, pies in the face. movie takeoffs and of course Mum Gunn (did we mention pies in the face?).

But that's not all Join Jason and Thingee as their day off work becomes one big adventure. Their TV explodes, there car breaks down, they cruise round town in a borrowed limousine, Jason is mistaken for a famous celebrity and the madcap duo run riot in a luxury hotel. And all the while the police are hot on their heels as they search for a stolen moa egg.

The laughs and action never stop in Jason & Thingees Big Adventure!

Hey Kids!

Join Thingee and me as we take on the world! See you inside!


VHS, Duration 60 minutes

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