Tippy has a magic touch, Buddy has a taste of the action, Snuffles has a nose for everything, Chopper is there with his great big ears and Poppy has got eagle eyes. And the Party Animals are helped by their special friend, Alphapet.

In each episode, they are given some mystery objects to solve and discover things like letters, numbers, colours and time. Once they've found the answer to the objects and their functions, it's time to party!

Party Animals is a fun programme especially for Kiwi kids. It enhances the natural curiosity of children by encouraging exploration and problem solving skills, with the help of five colourful characters, each focused on one of the senses.

The Party Animals live in a large three-storey house near the edge of the universe. Each animal has its own room and its own style. They're highly individualized characters each with their own special qualities and distinctive personality. Together they combine their unique attributes to promote interactive learning through mutual problem solving.

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