Guests read stories for kids from a 'magical' book - thanks for the info Patrick.

A collection of short stories from the show was published

From the big chair : stories to keep you on the edge of your seat

ISBN: 0143318012

Mouse palace by Michaelanne Forster
Granny and Grandad by Jack Lasenby
Supermarket monster by William Taylor
Crumbs by Diana Noonan
Lolly scramble by Rob Stowell
The over-all excellent family cake by Margaret Mahy
Tane saves the family umu by Lino Nelisi
My dog Mack by William Taylor
The kumara fairy by Briar Grace-Smith
The lolly tree by Apirana Taylor
Bloop bloop clunk by Rachel Hayward
The giant and the toffee-apple tree by Jack Lasenby
Cindy becomes a star! by Tessa Duder
The rain drum by Margaret Mahy
Rita and the mega-fast turbo-charged waka by Catherine McPherson
The good luck jacket by Briar Grace-Smith
Toby tries hard by Michaelanne Forster
Crazy dog Patch by Ian Charlton
Sione's first day at school by Oscar Knightley
Poodlum-hoodlum by Margaret Mahy
A pig in the night by Victor Rodger
Liam's drawing by Joe Bennett
Lightfoot by Margaret Mahy
Jake's first pet by Michaelanne Forster
Pisupo for Aunt Betty by Victor Rodger
Moana's secret by Tessa Duder
Lousy little brother by Joe Bennett
Sione wakes up by Oscar Knightley
I don't care by Jack Lasenby
Chopsticks by Christine Chan-Hyams

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