book coverWhen 9-year-old Barney Palmer is plagued by bizarre, ghostly visitations, he fears he has inherited a mysterious family curse. But he soon discovers there is more here than meets the eyes. Some shocking skeletons hidden inside his family closet are about to be unleashed!

Based on Margaret Mahy's 1982 novel, The Haunting.


Alexis Banas as Barney Palmer
Ned Beatty as Cole Scholar
Eleanor Gibson as Tabitha Palmer
Meredith Braun as Troy Palmer
Michelle Leuthart as Claire Palmer
Andy Anderson as John Palmer
Bernard Kearns as Ben Scholar
Yvonne Lawley as Great Grandmother Scholar
Patrick Smyth as Alberic Scholar
Leon Banas as Young Cole
Stephen Judd as Young Barnaby

The Haunting of Barney Palmer

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