Two hour tv movie filmed in New Zealand by Alliance Communications Corp., the Gibson Group, Official Canada/New Zealand in association with the Family Channel.

Executive producers, Dorothee Pinfold, Doris Keating Schlesinger, Barbara Alexander, Jean Deshormeaux;
producer, Ray Sager;
co-producers, Adrianne Anderson, Dave Gibson;
director, Michael Anderson;
writer, Sarah James; based on the book "O Rugged Land of Gold" by Martha Martin.

Cast: Jill Eikenberry, Art Hindle, Ari Magder, Graham Greene, Davina Whitehouse, Tony Groser, June Bishop, Helen Moulder, Sam Tyson-Hogg, Christopher Douglas.

A widowed socialite raising Lloyd, her son, Martha finds love again with Don, a rugged outdoorsman who convinces her to move north. When Lloyd and Don go missing during a dangerous earthquake, Martha is forced to endure an Alaskan winter on her own.

Available on DVD, VHS, and on Apple.TV in some countries.

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