Greer Twiss and his marionettes entertained the kids.

Throg Morton

The Listener, October 7 1960: Channel 2 has just acquired a new announcer called Throgmorton. Viewers will excuse his somewhat Wooden features when they see him, be cause Mr T. is a puppet who introduces the new Wednesday feature Puppet Playhouse. A variety show, Puppet Playhouse is likely to amuse adults as much as children, for puppets lose nothing in reality from being televised In fact television, as the BBC discovered With Muffin the Mule, offers the puppeteer his best opportunity for concealing the mechanics of his art and bringing his dolls to life.

Channel 2's puppeteer, Greer Twiss, is a 23-year old student teacher. Since he was four he has performed with his puppets-at first for children's parties and later in public. His skills in carving the dolls from wooden blanks prepared by his father led him to take a fine arts course at Auckland University, and it is not surprising that he majored in sculpture in taking his diploma.

Greer Twiss's puppets are a family concern. Mrs Kay Twiss. his mother, makes the costumes and helps manipulate the puppets on stage. Mr Twiss senior is also adept at pulling strings, but his forte is making props and setting the stage. The scenery was painted by Max McLellan.

Apart from Mr Throgmorton there are no speaking parts in Puppet Play, but a tape recording supplies the music for the various acts. The antics of the Wild Wood Duettists and King Woodie and his Calypso Trio are synchronised to this recording. There are many other dolls in the Puppet house cast, and few Will make more than one appearance in these programmes.

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