Visitor Cory has a request:

I came across your website accidently and was very impressed with the amount of shows that you have in the list and also the amount of shows that good old NZ have made....I have been trying to find a NZ show that was on tv years was called Spin A Yarn and was only about 20 minutes long.   It features Bruce Allpress and he pretty much told a story to the camera... and it had other actors acting out the story he was telling.   Only myself and a couple of friends remember this show and we can't find it anywhere online or on youtube.  Can you remember this show or does it ring any bells. 

It didn't ring any bells with me, but a fellow archival TV researcher came to the rescue:

Spin A Yarn' was an 8-10 minute duration pre-recorded segment that aired on Friday afternoons during the After School children's programming block on Television One throughout 1985 (and briefly in late 1986). It was presented by Bryan Allpress, the then current producer of After School, who would narrate to the viewer some sea-faring tale or shipwreck story - often, but not always, from New Zealand history. Topics for some of the various episodes ranged from the 'SS Wairarapa' shipwreck in 1894, the Solander Islands castaways, and the mystery of the 'Mary Celeste'. Locations varied for each episode, with Allpress either at Lyttelton Port or in a small studio set, and overlaid throughout the story were illustrations by Christchurch artist Ashley Smith, as well as archival photographs or maps.

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