Flux Animation and Pickled Possum Productions created show that used an mix of  animation, live action and a mix of New Zealand's official languages - English, Maori, and New Zealand sign language.

The 154 half-hour episodes were screened on weekdays at 8.15am, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 6am.

The programme was the joint work of award winning executive producer and director of Pickled Possum Productions, Mary Phillips, (Sticky TV, The Go Show and Kidzone 24) and award-winning Flux Animation director and producer Brent Chambers (Tamatoa the Brave Warrior, Staines down Drains, Buzzy Bee and The Adventures of Massey Ferguson).

Tiki Tour's two young presenters were Ngatarawahi Fairhall, formerly with Maori Television and fluent in Te Reo, and NZ Broadcasting School graduate Victoria Craig. They hosted the show's live action segments, interact with a team of animated characters, and invited young viewers to climb aboard the Tiki Tour bus to participate in games, stories, songs, dancing and activities.

The young viewers visited real life New Zealand locations while learning about maths, language, science, technology, social sciences, the arts and health. Throughout, the youngsters experienced English, Maori and sign language.

Production of Tiki Tour was challenging for Pickled Possum's Christchurch-based team who were scheduled to light the green screen for the show on February 23, the day after Christchurch's second major earthquake.

Co-executive producer Mary Phillips says: "Our studio and offices are in the Red Zone. Thankfully, there was no one in there when the earthquake struck, but we were unable to access the studio for almost six weeks and that meant a significant delay in production. We contemplated moving out of Christchurch to begin production but we knew the building had been given a green sticker so decided to just wait it out."

When access was finally granted damage was minimal, but the team still had to produce 154 half-hour episodes while coping with the trauma of thousands of after-shocks and the effects of the quakes on their personal lives.

The presenters, neither of whom had experienced an earthquake, arrived in Christchurch on schedule just days after the February quake. During the six-week wait for re-entry to the building, they rehearsed their scripts at the producer's kitchen table instead of in the studio.

Mary Phillips says Tiki Tour's going to air in August is testimony to the dedication of the production team. "It's a triumph that this lively, positive show for young viewers was produced amidst such devastation."


FLUX ANIMATION Co-executive Producer Brent Chambers (Tamatoa the Brave Warrior, Staines down Drains, Buzzy Bee and The Adventures of Massey Ferguson)

Animation Director Dave Butler

Toon Boom Specialist Erica Lack

Line Producer Csaba Nehez

PICKLED POSSUM PRODUCTIONS Co-executive Producer Mary Phillips (Sticky TV, The Go Show and Kidzone 24)

Producer Anne Williams A former Producer for What Now, Being Eve, Action Central, The Go Show, and Shortland Street

Musical Director (live action) Doug Wright A former Musical Director for Play School, You and Me, The Go Show, and Action Central


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