Promo imageSixteen year old Hori is swept away into Hawaiki. Here the forces of light and dark are in constant battle. The forces of darkness are led by Hara, an evil young woman and shape changer. Her sole aim is to reunite Ranginui the Sky Father and Papatuanuku the Earth Mother through destruction and pollution of land, sea and air. The forces of light need a hero to save the world, instead they get Hori. When Hori is given two sacred huia feathers he's transformed into the mighty Moko Toa, the tattooed warrior who wields ancient power. Can he save the world?

The Revenge of Hara

Set in Auckland 3001 Hara is bent on destruction. Hawaiki lays raged by the great struggle of Moko Toa and Hara.

Produced by Te Haeata Productions Ltd with assistance from Te Mangai Paho

Music director: Dave Whitehead ; director of photography: Fred Renata ; translations: Reuben Collier ; script editor: Jon Coutts ; producer: Hineani Melbourne ; director: Te Rangitawae Tiwai Reedy.

Rawiri Tai Tin, Miriama Smith, Gordon Hatfield, Mihingarangi Forbes, Hinerangi Burney Peter Kaa, Jim Perry, Hone Paekau, Lovely Paekau, Tiwai Reedy

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