Cast PhotoThis was a drama series based on a covert Police and Customs inter-agency task force working at the policing coal-face of the early 21st century - border security.

Though the Roughies are an elite unit, they're also, as Ron Maddock, their brusque Commander reminds them, under-funded, under-resources and under the hammer because, after all, this is New Zealand. One step removed from the usual ad hoc inter-agency groups, the Roughies are very much on trial and depend for their survival on a very Kiwi self-help, so-it-yourself attitude and have to be independent, flexible and fast on their feet.

The Roughies team operate out of an unmarked waterfront base, with Naiad and a couple of 4 wheel drives, and there's a rough-as-guts can-do number 8 wire attitude to the main men, Detective Sergeant Wilder and Detective Constable Zack Wiki, leavened by the more analytical approach of Senior Customs Office Jane Durrant.

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