dvd coverAn eight-part family crime drama: an unexpected love story, as well as a tale of revenge, danger and redemption that jumps across the entire planet coming to a bloody end at the bottom of the world. 

Silvia Petersen (Cecile Stenspil) is a con woman. Living in Copenhagen, she followed the father she adored into a life of scams and swindles that has proven so successful her team has flown under the radar of the police.

That is until notorious gangster Ravn has her father killed, setting Silvia on a dangerous course of revenge.

Deciding to hit Ravn where it hurts – his bank balance – Silvia and her team find themselves caught up in a bigger game, for control of Denmark’s criminal underworld.

On the run from both the police and Ravn, Silvia flees to Queenstown on the other side of the world, hoping enough distance and a new identity will keep her safe.

Meanwhile, her mother Lisbeth and daughter Ida are also in danger and must flee Denmark with the help of Silvia’s remaining team.

But who can really be trusted with Silvia so far away?

A Danish (Viaplay)/New Zealand (TVNZ+) co-production.

On DVD and online via TVNZ+ and Acorn.TV in some countries,

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