On learning that their group are to leave for Bosnia, three New Zealand soldiers celebrate their last 72 hours “dog leave” before going to serve with the United Nations peace- keeping forces in Bosnia- Herzegovina.

Three stories are inter-linked by an incident on a training exercise involving a grenade. The soldiers’ imminent departure to a war focuses their lives at an accelerated rate; the decisions they make have a radical and far-reaching effect on their lives. (22/10/1995)

Staff Sergeant John Blake - Marton Csokas
Sarah: Kim Michalis
Stacey: Danielle Cormack
Eru Wattie: Calvin Tuteao
Emily: Rena Owen
Patrick Turner: Joel Tobeck
Majkich - Sinia Copic
Director: David Blyth
Producer: James Wallace
Co- Producer: Trishia Downie
Executive Producer: Caterina De Nave
Co- Writers: Poata Eruera
Co- Writers: Richard Loymposs
Director of Photography: Rewa Harre
Art Director: Guy Moana
Editor: Chris Plummer
Music Composer: Peter Scholes

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