cast photoAn American science fiction television series produced in New Zealand that aired in syndication for two seasons, aired often  as part of the Back2Back Action Hour, along with Jack of All Trades.

Cleo, a cryogenically frozen exotic dancer who, after accidentally being thawed in the year 2525, joins two sexy freedom fighters in their battle against evil robots called Bailies. Led by the mysterious "Voice," this tempestuous trio must out-fight, out-seduce and out-maneuver the forces that threaten to destroy the world. From executive producer Sam Raimi

Jennifer Sky as Cleo, Cleopatra
Gina Torres as Hel, Helen
Victoria Pratt as Sarge, Rose
Patrick Kake as Mauser
Elizabeth Hawthorne as The Voice
Danielle Cormack as Raina
Joel Tobeck as Creegan
Stacey Edgar as Lara
Stephen Lovatt as Schrager
Mark Ferguson as Confessor
Colin Moy as Quint
Paolo Rotondo as Porter

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