DVD CoverAka Ocean Hijack

While sources are rather vague on whether this was made for TV or as a direct to dvd release, the number of cast members from Shortland Street in this means it demands mention here. I discovered it screening late one night on BBC1 and its bonkers use of the interislander ferry Arahura as a cruise ship, along with with a cast of familiar faces meant I just had to watch it till the end.

The plot is a highly derivative b-movie mix of old Bruce Willis/Steven Segal/Jean-Claude Van Damme clichés: A former fire-fighter and Special Forces officer takes on a team of murderous terrorists when the ocean-liner he's working on is hijacked shortly after leaving port. Hired to evaluate security on a luxury cruise ship, blaze battler and former military man Kyle Considine (Casper Van Dien) brings his young son Zach along for a week of fun at sea. The fun stops, however, when the ship sets sail and a highly organized team of terrorists threaten the lives of everyone onboard. Should the ransom fail to be paid, the hijackers will set off a series of bombs, killing all 300 passengers. Fortunately for the frightened passengers, Kyle and the ship's security officer Lynne have hatched an ingenious plan to capture the terrorists. When Kyle is thrown overboard by the bad guys, Zach and Lynne launch a heroic rescue mission. Just when it seems that the situation can't get any worse, the terrorists strike and the stakes are raised. With time running out and the terrorists gaining the upper hand, Kyle races against the clock to diffuse the bombs and save the day. . . . .

Casper Van Dien ... Kyle Considine
Danielle Cormack ... Lynn Fabrizio
Angela Marie Dotchin ... Renee Price
Christopher Stollery ... Damien Morse
Alistair Browning ... Howard
Paul Glover ... Granger
Paul Gittins ... Curtis Price
Rose McIver ... Jenny
Anton Tennet ... Zach
Faine Alexander ... Reporter
Owen Black ... First Officer
Bruce Burfield ... Stebbins
Daniel Cowley ... Princes Guard
Peter J. Elliott ... Trevor Denning
Michael Hallows ... Hans
Kelson Henderson ... Keenan
Nick Kemplin ... Gate Guard
Thomas Kiwi ... Steve
Toby Leach ... Security Guard
Blair Strang ... Enrique
John Sumner ... Cap. Ed Tessler
David Wong ... Dojo Master
Ray Woolf ... Cap. Morrison
Craig Wrightson ... Aldous Means

Directed by
Colin Budds
Written by
Jim Makichuk

The movie is available on DVD and looks to be on a few streaming services around the world including Prime Video, Google Play, and AppleTV


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