Anthology series of 12 stand-alone dramas screened at a 9.30 p.m time slot in deference to the content and language in some of the plays. Explained the producer, Tony Isaac: “Some of the language is not the most genteel — it’s raunchy, raucous and rude — and there are some attitudes and values that people may find provocative, irreverent and challenging.” The subject matter of the plays was seen at the time as controversial; — like Māori land rights, politics, foreign ownership of land, and almost inevitably, sex and marriage.

Among the writers for the series were a number who at the time were better known for their work in fields other than television. Tom Scott was best-known as a “Listener" columnist, Olwynne MacRae was a prolific radio writer, Vincent O'Sullivan was then a holder of the Victoria University Writers’ Fellowship and known for his prose and poetry, Greg McGee was author of the successful stage play “Foreskin’s Lament,” Grant Morris had written a number of radio plays and Rowley Habib was known for poetry and short stories. The established television writers were Keith Aberdein and Michael Noonan. 

Tough at the Bottom (28/2/1982)
Losing an arm or a leg doesn't mean losing a sense of humour or ambition. Have you heard the one about the handicapped people who thought they could succeed in the normal world.
Cast: Russell Smith, Tony Wahren, Michael Wilson and David Warwick.
Director: Peter Muxlow
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Grant Morris

Coming and Going (7/3/1982)
The camaraderie disappears for one particular official at Maadi camp in Egypt during World War Two.
Director: Murray Reece
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Dan Davin
Screenplay: Bill Baer

The Venus Touch (14/3/1982)
A fairy tale about a sexologist ("Once upon a time there was a wise man who thought he knew all there was to know about sex...") who has problems with his own marriage and who is confronted with Ernest, an ordinary little man with a magic touch.
Dr. Rufus Quirke: Grant Tilly
Virginia Quirke: Angela D'audney
Ernest Lovelock: Bruno Lawrence
Phoebe Rowe: Joanne Mildenhall
Director: Keith Aberdein
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Keith Aberdein

The Good Samaritan (21/3/1982)
A woman alone at night, deserted, calls an acquaintance at random. little imagining the significance he might attach to her selection.
Director: John Anderson
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Jane Toft

Free Enterprise (28/3/1982)
Dot's cafe has a hot-line to the police and she turns a deaf air to charity and altruism, until an unwelcome visitor rattles the bastion of "Free Enterprise".
Director: Mark Defriest
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Greg Mcgee

If the Cat Laps (4/4/1982)
In the male dominated world of advertising, all a wife can do is charm the boss - or is it?
Director: John Anderson
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Vincent O'sullivan

Graham's Mum and the Golden Tour (11/4/1982)
New Zealand's tourist industry may never be the same again after Graham Goulden's "See Wellington for $9.99 Cut-Price Economy Bus Tour" runs amok.
Director: Murray Reece
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Anthony Noonan
Author: Murray Reece

That Bread Should Be So Dear (18/4/1982)
When your husband is helpful and charming, and brings home roses and wine in the evening, surely he has a right to expect almost anything in return.
Director: Murray Reece
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Olwynne Macrae

Eros and Psyche (25/4/1982)
Dress rehearsal night at the Little Theatre and tensions run high as over stimulated actors and temperamental crew draw near to the Grand World Premiere of local playwright Brian Trout's semi-verse play set among the Gods of Ancient Greece.
Director: John Anderson
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Anthony Noonan

Press for Service (2/5/1982)
Join the power addicts, groupies and toadies in the Press Gallery circus at the Beehive as we watch one of their high-fliers fall from grace.
Director: Tony Wilson
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Tom Scott

The Pumice Land (9/5/1982)
Austin Morris playing fiddle in the township's rock band is excruciating enough, but when the cantankerous old so-and-so keeps butting into other farmer's affairs, who knows what tune the local community will end up dancing to.
Austin: Derek Hardwick
Ross: Kingi Morgan
Frank: Bernard Kearns
George: Michael Haigh
Wesley: Geoff Murphy
Pani: Marnie Morgan
Milo: Sam Stewart
Jack: Roy Wesney
Ruby: Riwia Taylor
Peggy: Joan Mcdonald
Director: Murray Reece
Writer: S. G. Walker
Producer: Tony Isaac
Camera: Mike Neale
Sound: Bill Ackland
Director: Murray Reece
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Stephen Walker

The Protesters (16/5/1982)
Protesting is not for the faint of heart - it's hard enough to keep your certainty in the face of rage and passion of your own people, and then what happens when the police come?
Director: Peter Muxlow
Producer: Tony Isaac
Writer: Rowley Habib
Executive Producer: Ross Jennings
Songs: Mereana Pitman

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