Quiz programme compered by Gary Chapman, produced in Wellington by Bourn, Chris.

WNTV1’s new quiz programme, Prize Line, turned out to be almost total disaster. Viewer reaction was so antagonistic that the Director-general, Mr G. H. Stringer, on the recommendation of the Director of Television, Mr N, R, Plalmer, “killed ” it after the first. This must have been a blow to producer Chris Bourn who looked to it to revive his reputation after The Family Game last year. Compere Gary Chapman found the transition from radio to television too big a leap. Contestants were not impressive - perhaps New Zealanders are too self-conscious to be generally very good on television? Out of the wraeckage was salvaged the 2,500 dollars allotted for prizes and a good deal more for production. NZBC officials confessed to a slight error of judgment on it. The programme had looked good on paper.
From the 10/7/1967 issue of NZ TV Weekly: Channel Check

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