Question from visitor Paul:

I have just been to a funeral of a friend of mine here in Kent, England and, among many of the entertainment achievements mentioned through the service, a TV quiz show in New Zealand called Crypto Cross (not sure of the spelling?!) was mentioned. According to the service conductor it was hosted by the deceased for 'two successful series' whilst he lived in the country for a period.

I have tried to look it up but have, so far, found nothing about it. I came across your website and wondered if you had any knowledge of such a programme. I'm afraid no date was mentioned but, from what else I know, it must have been at least 35 years ago, possibly longer.

The name of the man in question is Barry Daniels who appeared in many theatrical productions here in England, a number in the West End.

I would be most grateful for any information you may have or be able to find about it as it is something I had no idea about until today.

After posting the request other visitors help date the show and I found the details in Listeners from 1981:

The cryptic word game in which studio contestants pit their wits against a professional cryptographer to win fabulou hiliday prizes. With prizes for viewers too.
Producer - John Coombs
Director - Richard Finny

Screened at 6pm on Monday nights

Puzzle from Listener

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