AKA: Momma's Good Girl

Centred around the disruption caused to four Wellington households when the touring American pop star cancelled his engagement after announcing an alleged affair with a New Zealand housewife.

Written by Ian Cross, production began in mid-March 1967 and it was to be telerecorded on April 1. The cast was Pauline Yerex, Ron Lynn, Dilys Forrest, John Malhalfey, Pamela James, Peter Bland, Ann McClymont, Leslie Wright, Briana Brimer, Charles Walker, and Barry Hill.

Ian Cross turned his hand to churning out a pop song as the theme for this TV play. Cross said he threw some words together. Music was written by Paul Griffin, a lecturer in accountancy at Victoria University. After taping by the Wellington group Sounds Unlimited, the HMV New Zealand decided to put it out commercially.

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