An hour long New Year's Eve special, And Finally Payne was screened which impressed TV 2 executives enough for a full series to get the green light. 

The special was described in the Listener as:
A television adoption of the film of the best selling thriller by Charles Darwin Origin of the Species;
Episode 4: Find the little old Lady's Bundle, in which our gallant band of adventurers are spirited away in blofelds converted zepplin to a giant condor's nest high in the Andes where a mysterious Ugandan striptease dance by the name of Legs Akimbo...
Lord Feather - Derek Payne
Captain Zero - David McPhail
Lady Glen Innes - Marcus Craig
Zippety - Ignatius Loyola
The Hedgehog - Cardianl Wolseley
Tentative Producer - John Carlaw

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