According to  the Listener of 5 October, 1960...

There's a change of emphasis in the new Tonight. Viewers Who have grown accustomed to the straight interview technique used in [its predecessor] On Our Doorstep will find the new programme more topical. With Queen Street for its backdrop, Tonight will swing the cameras on to Aucklanders and visitors who make news and about whom the public would like to know more. Frequently, however, Tonight will introduce people who have yet to hit the headlines and a variety of items which stress the unusual or the unknown. For example. a new invention could be demonstrated and a new composition played or sung. Even a Yo-Yo expert could find his way into this versatile programme.

For all its variety and spontaneity Tonight is not the product of five minute preparation. Ian Watkins, who will produce the first few programmes of the series, told us that careful rehearsal must be made every Thursday afternoon before the transmission. Not only must the producer know what moves to expect from the subjects before the cameras. but persons interviewed must know which camera to look at.

A current affairs show by the same name was screening in 1976.

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