Four specials in which the 26 new faces of 1975 are featured in a con-competitive programme, hosted by Ray Columbus.

As the title suggests. each special is really a blend of two shows. involving Columbus and the pick of the new talent that turned up on Opportunity Knocks in 1975. There were more than 120 new people featured on that show last year and the 26 acts to be seen during the four specials were all semi-finalists or prize-winners who polled the highest votes. The acts cover the gamut from solo singers through vocal and instrumental groups to a ventriloquist and a comedian.

These shows take the entertainers out bf a competitive situation and give them a chance to try working in a much broader, more relaxed and loose format, says Columbus. During each show they will get a chance to work with me and with each other, as well as performing their individual acts.

We chose these people as having the most potential for TV work and it is amazing that we found so many good acts, that there is so much talent about.

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