Weekly series of half hour film documentaries looking at people, places and life in New Zealand
Executive Producer Edwin Morrisby

Take a Girl Like You  (11/7/1976)
At 23, Marilyn Waring, MP for Raglan, is the youngest woman ever to sit in the House of Representatives. Tonight, Miss Waring talks candidly about her experience so far as an MP and her first impressions of Parliament.
Written and produced Dr GEORGE ANDREWS
Executive Producer WALDO MAGUIRE

Dame Ngaio Marsh (15/8/1976)
New Zealand's best known contemporary authoress, an artist in crime and a lover of Shakespeare tells how "She dunnit"
Reporter Rodney Bryant
Producer Doc Williams
Executive Producer Waldo MacGuire

Christ's College: (12/9/1976)
A dream of the founding fathers of Canter-bury, Christ's College was one of New Zealand's most famous independent schools. This documentary looked at its history, traditions and its relevance in contemporary society. Part of the script was been written by poet/writer Denis Glover, an old boy of the college
Producer Doc Williams 

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