dvd coverThe drug known as 'P' has a terrible hold on the lives of many promising young New Zealanders. One who has felt the pain first hand is perhaps New Zealand's best known broadcaster, Paul Holmes, through the saga of his daughter Millie.
This documentary captures Paul's journey as he seeks answers for Millie, himself, and the scores of other concerned
Kiwi parents who have shared their personal family pain with him.

"It takes your breath away," says Holmes. "From the attractive and talented former beauty queen facing attempted murder charges, through to a disabled grandma caring for her daughter's kids in a climate of fear, abduction and death threats. The whole thing made me more determined than ever, that we have to come up with sound national strategies to beat this drug." Holmes says he has found the new Government informed and motivated on the battle to fight "P", and emerged from the documentary feeling hopeful that New Zealand may be on the path to making inroads against "P".
"I know my own family and many other Kiwi families will heave a big sigh of relief once we sense some strong plans are in place," says Paul.

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