dvd coverAward-winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce conducts in-depth investigations into six unsolved and puzzling New Zealand crimes. Each case examines issues in the justice system which affect us all.

Bryan Bruce is the man behind the  documentary A Question Of Justice, which examined the David Bain case. He has also made documentaries on the cases of John Barlow (Trial By Ordeal), David Tamihere (Murder They Said) and David Grey (In Cold Blood). In The Investigator, he looks at the justice system from the police inquiry through to sentencing and reveals the ethics and issues as highlighted by particular cases. Bruce unravels each case to reveal the sometimes embarrassing, sometimes tragic, and sometimes deadly reasons cases remain puzzling or unsolved. The result, he hopes, will give New Zealanders pause to think about what we really expect from our police, our lawyers, our judges and our law-makers. "After doing the David Bain case, I swore I wouldn't do any more crime documentaries," says Bruce. "But TVNZ offered me the unique opportunity to examine six unsolved or puzzling cases which are not simple 'whodunnits', but which give us pause to reflect on justice issues that face us all."

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