This film is the story of the 1977 Indo-New Zealand Ganges expedition, a journey up the Ganges to its source high in the Himalayan mountains.

After conquering Mt Everest, Edmund Hillary returned repeatedly to the Himalayas, building bridges, schools and hospitals in the Sherpa villages on the mountain’s slopes. In 1977, Sir Edmund, his son Peter and 17 other companions set off on an eight-week jet boat journey up the Ganges river. The holy river Ganges is believed to flow from heaven itself; a river inspiring such devotion that many have made pilgrimages along its entire length. This film follows that entire thrilling journey, culminating in a flag being erected on what was once, until this expedition, another unconquered mountain of the Himalayas.

Director: Michael Dillon
Producer: Michael B Gill
Executive Producer: Edmund Hillary
Photography: Michael Dillon
Photography: Michael B Gill
Photography: Warrick Attewell (aka Waka)
Photography: B G Devare
Photography: Prem Vaidya
Music: Dave Calder
Editor: Dennis Delaney
Narrator: Ian Johnstone

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